May 1st Night Paddle

The night are getting longer but not getting any warmer so it was going to be a chilly paddle. We left PRSC about 8.40pm and headed off to Eckington Bridge. It was still a little light when we left and made out was through Pershore Lock and down to Pershore Bridges. As we rounded the bend by Pensham we gathered and checked everyone was still with us, glow sticks working and people were ‘buddies up’.

Paul & Tim were leading and Matt S, Dave & Sharon were bringing up the read of the group. There were 18 of us in total. 1 sea Kayak, 7 solo canoeists and 10 tandem canoe paddlers.As with a lot of these trips it is the logistics that provide the challenges. Making sure there are enough cars at the end to bring all the people and all the boats back.

As we rounded the bend by Kingfisher Marina it was starting to go dark and the sight of all the people and boats with glow stick floating down the river was really great and a little erie at the same time.

We round the next 2 bends and regroups so that we could have a snack and drink and it was here we had a small issue to deal with. Nothing too serious but suffice to say Pauls glow stick broke and he got some of the fluid in his eyes. So out cam the first aid kits, sterile water, washed his eyes out a couple of time and all was good. By this point we had drifted down stream. So after paddling for a while we were approaching Comberton Marina where we grouped up and got everyone to stop talking, which was a challenge, and we could enjoy the silence, it was really nice until 2 ducks, that were had unknowingly cornered decide to take of and startle those on that side of the gourd, if was funny.

As we past Comberton marina, the large house up on the left, someone came out with a very bright torch, they could clearly see all the glow stock. It must have been a sight.

We then rounded the last bend before Nafford lock, which seemed to be very dark, and entered the lock. As we left the sky cleared for a while and a lot of stars were visible, and you could feel the temperature drop.

We continued down round Swans Neck and to Eckington Bridge which was the end of the trip, by now it was almost midnight. We all got off the water, secured to boats on roofs and headed back to PRSC to unload.

It was a really nice trip, great to be back on the water with a group of paddlers. I will look to arrange another paddle June or July.

Tandem Paddlers

  • Caroline A-R & Joanna Worrall
  • Chris Underhill & Eloise Underhill
  • Elise Shortman & Simon Cosson
  • Liz Witherford & Dan Underhill
  • Dave Barthorpe & Sharon Barthorpe

Solo Paddlers

  • Nick Davis
  • Kevin Badham
  • Matthew Soley
  • Paul Craven
  • Sue Tadman
  • Tim Barnes
  • Clive Pearson

Sea Kayak

  • Ed Cosson

Leaders Development Paddle

Every so often we need to take our volunteer river leaders out for a paddle to work on their personal skills so they can deliver more to our club.
Today was one of those days. The theme moving water, open boat paddle.
Seven of us headed off to south Wales to hunt for a grade 2/3 river with a group of leaders and a few hand picked guinea pigs :-)

With our usual Usk run being off limits currently we hunted around and found something similar.
Levels were good with all the recent rain helped by the heavy rain and hail showers we experienced throughout the day. It was definitely a day for thermals and onesies.
As you would expect when exploring a new river there are always plenty on incidents, so here is the swim count for the day:
Somehow Clive, Dave and Graham managed 0 swims but we all had a few wobbles. Paul and Matt managed 1 each in locations where a swim would not be expected. Then the competition got a bit seriour with Tim and Iain trying to outdo each other and managing 3 each. There were some good self rescues and plenty of practice for the whole group.

Saturdays November Open Boat Paddle

A good turn out for today’s open boat paddle – thanks to all that came: a bit of ferry gliding at Pershore bridges, a stop for a cup of tea at Nafford and taking the opportunity to practise crossings in the strong flow coming out of the sluice, and finally just missing the heavier rain starting as we came into Eckington and loaded up, so managing to all stay dry (well, almost all staying dry).
11 boats and 14 paddlers, an excellent turnout on such a dreary day.
And well done to Caroline for her first venture out with us – hope we haven’t put you off future trips

Llangollen October 2019

Another successful weekend in Llangollen for WKCC kindly organised by Claire again.
The weekend started early on the Friday for some with a meet up for breakfast on the A5 so we could check river levels and decide as a group where we wanted to go based on various river apps. The consensus (with a bit of persuasion for some) was to paddle the Vyrnwy from the dam down to Pont Llogel. This is a really nice grade 2, 2+ with a 3/3+ section which you can portage. The level was good and involves careful navigation around many low hanging trees to keep you on your toes.
When we got to the longer tricky section we were forced to portage as the river right route was blocked by a tree and the far side of the island could not be inspected and no cover could be put in place so sensible option was chosen.
We continued onto the end, retrieved the ferry cars and made our way up to the Hostel ready for a night out and a meal in a local hostelry.
Back to the hostel to make plans for Saturday.
Breakfast crew up at 6:45 to make a full cooked breakfast for all.
We split into a few groups for the day. A few non-paddlers, a Dee trip from Glyndyfrdwy to Horseshoe and onto canal, a grade 4 gorge trip and a medium trip on the Conwy from the A5 road bridge.
A great time was had by all and only a couple of swims on the day.
All back to LLangollen for a few beers etc and then the highlight our communal meal. A huge selection of mains, rice, potatoes, poppadum’s, puddings all made by people in the club.
Sunday was departure day for some but a majority went for a traditional easy paddle along the Llangollen canal crossing the mighty Pontcycyllte aqueduct and through Chirk tunnel.
Another great weekend.
Thanks to all organisers, cooks, coaches and leaders and to all that came along.

WKCC and UWCKC Lakes Weekend

Another great joint club weekend in the Lake District for WKCC and UWCKC (Upton Warren Canoe and Kayaking Club) to follow on from the Brecon weekend last week.
Thanks to Emma J we had a great location at Lowick School Bunkhouse, a family run business who also run outdoor activities.
For Friday nearly all rivers were scrape or empty, so a leisurely time was had by those who travelled early. We all went to a local pub for an evening meal kindly organised by Amanda
On Saturday we split into two groups. Sue T, Steve C, Kev D and Jack H went off to Windemere for a spot of sailing. Conditions were good but gusty and they all managed to rig up various sails. A few minor incidents on the day including a gust capsizing Sue T followed by a great self-righting rescue using all those skills learnt at symposiums and then he who shall not be mentioned leaving his car keys at the start resulting in a long taxi jou

rney to retrieve them.
The rest of us (Emma J, Graham, Dave J, Matt W, Paul (Brian) A, Rita, Amanda D, Lillie and Bobby) went and did a short paddle on the lower part of the Duddon to do a bit of moving water practice. Some great progress was made which would prove to be very useful for Sunday. A small swim for both Lillie and Bobby who were both pushing hard but they both carried on afterwards.
By this time the rain had set in so things were looking good for Sunday so it was off to the bunkhouse where Rita made a stew, Emma made a Polish dish with chorizo and Amanda made a fish pie so we all ate well. This was followed by more of Amanda’s cakes.
By Saturday evening Rainchasers was showing rivers running everywhere so we knew we would have choices but the plan was to do a trip to include the whole group.
Sunday we chose the Crake. It was very close to the bunkhouse and runs out of Coniston Water ending at Spark Bridge. All paddled except Sue who had other plans and Paul and Kev who were poorly.
The river was described as grade 2/3 with the main feature Bobbin Mill Rapid just before the get out.
Lillie paddled canoe with Rita and Bobby with Jack. Steve also canoes with the rest in kayaks. We started with around 2km on Coniston before entering the river which started very slow but lots of weaving between low trees which resulted in a swim for Amanda and a roll for Matt when he caught his paddle. There were plenty of little rapids and surf waves before we soon came to a short grade 3 section. Best plan here was to get Bobby and Lillie to walk this section. Emma, Matt and me positioned ourselves in various eddies and Dave

lead Amada down successfully. I then got the canoeists to take a look and advise on lines including how to avoid the folded pinned old town canoe half way down (just to help their confidence). Steve went first and was going well until he hit a small rock head on resulting in him sliding forward straight through his carrying thwart snapping it and ending up on the front air bag. This also made his kneeling thwart come loose. He quickly scrambled back to the middle and managed to get down the rest cleanly. A few repairs with duct tape and straps but the rigidity back in to the boat 😊. Rita came down next clipped a rock and was heading towards the pinned canoe but smartly went right down a different shoot avoiding main trouble into a tight eddie. After a few manoeuvres carried on down cleanly. Jack was last to come down and had the cleanest run with just one set of corrections for the last drop.
Onwards with more pleasant small rapids and waves to play on. Something for everyone until we reached what should have been an easy 2/3 section was it not for low tree branches and a small tree blocking one channel. This left us one slightly rocky channel to go down which unfortunately caught Rita and Lillie who pinned and capsized and had a short swim. Both smiling we soon carried on.
The river builds up towards the end with the speed slowly picking up and becoming more continuous until we reached Bobbin Mill.
This would normally be regarded as a decent grade 3 but today there was a massive uprooted tree on one corner. I started first and signalled upstream for everyone to stop and wait. When I reached the bottom my first thought was to find a way back to top to take Lillie and Bobby out and give the canoeists an option to get out as it was full of boulders and swim and pin opportunities with some decent stopper waves. Somehow the Chinese whispers of the signals got lost as they were passed up the line resulting in everyone coming down. To my relief and surprise all was good. Everyone was down and buzzing after running it.
Still raining we packed up and set off home joining all the slow Sunday traffic on the M6.
A great weekend and a nice mix of people. Well done to all.

WKCC wet weekend in Wales!

Well no sooner had Ed and I crossed the border into Wales on the Friday evening and the rain started. What we didn’t know then was it would continue for the next 24 hours! I think we were the last to arrive and just as we did the others started to drift back from the pub. Tales of the days activities were told, several members having paddled the Dee at very low levels, others having sat and had a cream tea! Eventually all was quite except for the patter of raindrops!

The next day after a good breakfast plans were devised and the group split into two (with Paul already departed to meet up with his 4* group). The groups were split between canoeists and kayakers, although both groups were intending to paddle the same stretch of the Dee. As we drove up the valley we could see the river had swollen overnight. At the get in much discussion was had, but the reality was plain to see – the conditions were not suitable or safe for the skill set of a large number of the paddlers and paddling had to be abandoned for the day.

After reconvening at the hostel plans for non paddling activities were discussed over tea and cake (and a very good Victoria sponge it was too!). A larger portion of the group decided to visit Betws-y-Coed and Conwy falls, with the remainder of us staying in Llangollen. Apparently the falls were impressive – photos available courtesy of Max on FB.The few of us left in Llangollen took a walk along the canal, stopping to look at Serpent’s Tail – apparently there is a channel through the rocks, but you wouldn’t have known it. We walked on up to Horseshoe Falls which were almost washed out. The volume of water was huge (a technical term used by Rainchasers). We stood on the metal bridge and watched two groups bob along the river. There was also a huge amount of debris floating down. Returning to Llangollen we stood by the bridge and watched a few kayakers pass through, making the whole thing look rather easy. Satisfyingly they followed the line that had been discussed during the day!

After that we retired to the hostel, ate a wonderful meal and waited for the rain to stop.
The next day, after another hearty breakfast, the group again split into subgroups. Some headed for home, some went walking, some went to canoe on Bala Lake and a group of twelve went off to find some white water. The weather for the day was a complete change and we were treated to glorious sunshine. The Bala group enjoyed great scenery and Dave’s poling demonstration!

Those of us that went off to find some whitewater (Max, Graham, Nat, Guy, Sue, Kelli, Matt, Emma, Elise, Owen, Ed and I) headed north into Snowdonia, to Beddgelert and the Glaslyn. After sorting the ferry and looking at the get out we got on at a spectacular lake and set off. The river was still high and flowing fast. We hit as many eddies as we could and stopped to play and practice our skills at various points. All was going well until a clump of rocks decided to jump out at me and after a couple of knocks to my head I watched my boat disappear down the river with Elise shouting Swimmer! At the top of her voice. After a conversation with a man sitting in his back garden drinking coffee (‘how did you get here?’ and ‘good job you weren’t here yesterday ‘ followed by ‘someone got stuck there in their boat back in January’) he showed me how to get back to the road.
Recovery complete we set off again, dropping down to the final get out. Ed, Owen and I took the sensible (easy) get out, most of the others the more tricky get out and finally hats off to Graham, Max and Matt who took the challenging one. Fortunately no-one headed down the gorge! We were soon all off the water, changed and ready for the long trip home. Sundays paddle was a good one and I learnt a lot from it.
Despite the weather I think the weekend was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Claire for organising, to all of those that organised food or cooked, to the coaches for their patience and for everyone for the good company. Roll on the next one!


WKCC Information

Welcome to WKCC. Please note that only members of our club have access to our WKCC Facebook group which contains all our latest information.
This site is to give you some background information as to what we do as a club and how to contact us to enquire about coming along and trying it out or joining.
It also shows our Google calendar of main activities although there are many short notice events arranged subject to the paddling conditions.

See our Come and Try It page for more details.

WKCC 2017 Review

It’s been another great year for WKCC culminating in us winning British Canoeing West Midlands Regional Club of the Year 2017.

The year started well with our usual post Christmas winter social in January closely followed by our traditional South Wales or South West England winter paddling weekend.
In the spring we had a Menai Straights weekend up in North Wales which we had an enjoyable time but the weather let us down and paddling conditions were not ideal.
Spring and summer gave us many enjoyable club nights out on the river at Pershore and other places in the area. We ran courses and come and try it taster sessions in kayak, canoe and SUP. 

We continued to develop our coaching and leadership pool with more people completing UKCC L1 and a good size group completing their UKCC L2 training. We had one more comfortably pass their 4* WW Kayak leader who is now moving onto 5*.
We had many members pass various 3* awards and complete both 1 day and 2 day first aid courses. 

October was our busiest month. It started with one of our traditional Llangollen weekends which always gets in some enjoyable white water and touring paddles and socialising.
Mid October some of us did a west coast Scotland open canoe wild camping trip on the Spey from Aviemore to Spey Bay.
At the end of October we had another east coast white water kayak trip based around Roy Bridge paddling some of the classic rivers in the region.

Members did paddle trip exchanges with other clubs and took part in many regional and symposium events. 
Some members went off to do Alps paddles, canoe wild camping on Scottish lochs and even trips to Nepal. 
As usual we kept up our support to protect the environments we paddle with litter pick trips which included recovery of multiple shopping trolleys and an oven.

So a big thank you goes out to all the coaches, assessors, away break organisers, committee and volunteers for all their time and effort during 2017.
Lets keep it going.

Download (PDF, 3.34MB)

An inspiring account of how we help others

Joining WKCC has been one of the best things I have ever done, however getting to that point was not easy for me. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I find it incredibly hard to meet new people and join in with these people if I don’t know them. I first started by going along to a couple of the sessions on a Thursday night at the pool. I came along with Clive, who is an existing member and someone I already knew which made it a bit easier. The first time I just came in and watched to see how the sessions work and who was going to be there. After watching this I decided that actually this is something I would like to join in with. However, when it came to actually joining in with the session the next week, I completely panicked and my anxiety got the better of me. It even resulted in me running away from the pool. After trying and having the same outcome the next week, I thought that was it and I would never be able to do something I enjoy because I was ready to admit my anxiety had won.
This was when my mum who had come along as well started talking to Sue, who is also an existing member of the club. She told my mum about how she was running some sessions on a Monday night for a smaller group and wondered if I was interested in going. It took a lot for me to get myself in but when I did I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice everyone was and how helpful they were. I was given some great coaching from Jonah and all round really enjoyed it. I did a few more of these sessions and some river sessions and eventually after being kindly invited along by Sue attended a session out on the river with the main club. And this turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done, meeting new people who were very kind and helpful to me and it was a session I thoroughly enjoyed. I have never looked back since then, I am glad I have managed to kick my anxiety and join something I really enjoy doing. I have made some great friends at WKCC and to anyone who feels in a similar position to how I felt, I would recommend you just do it, it took me a while but I am so happy I did. And no matter what has happened during the rest of the week, I always look forward to a Thursday evening and doing stuff with the club.