Dartmouth Trip Sunday 31st May

On a bright sunny morning last Sunday 7 members of the club launched into the River Dart at Totnes, aiming to catch the turning tide to take them down to Dartmouth.  Brian, Caroline, Tony, Tina and Paul had camped the previous night in a well-sited campsite overlooking the sea near Slapton, and had been joined that morning by Nick and Richard.  Two Canadian Canoes and three kayaks made their way down the river which quickly opened out and wound its way south.  Whilst the first hour was hard work, as the tide picked up we quickly passed by river boats, gin palaces, sailing dinghies, several other canoes and even a gondola.  We stopped for lunch on a pretty beach, and Nick cooled down by taking a dip in the river.  The scenery was as impressive as the river traffic including several riverside towns, high wooded banks and a vineyard.  By the middle of the afternoon Dartmouth was in sight and we wove our way through the many anchored vessels to a slipway just beyond the town.  The sun had been fierce all day, so we were hot and tired, but none of us could think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, Richard’s pictures show how beautiful is was.   See link below for a map of the trip and an abandoned trip Tina & Paul did the day before out of the mouth of the Dart but the wind was causing large waves so they turned around.