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Bevere Weir Pics – Thursday 20th

Just a few snaps from Bevere weir at Grimley.  Unfortunately did not get any shots of the swimmers.

Cressage to Jackfield 9th August

We had a great paddle today with cracking weather. We got in at the bridge at Cressage and had a gentle paddle down to Jackfield rapids where we stopped for a bit of a play. Only one swimmer (me) when playing and hitting a rock sideways.
See the few pictures I have so far

Upper Severn Canoe Trip – 9th August

We are planning an open boat trip on the upper Severn based on the success of our previous outing from Ironbridge to Bridgenorth.  This time we will start further upstream of Ironbridge and paddle down and finish just after Jackfield Rapids just below Ironbridge. The plan is for Sunday 9th August and we plan to be there for a 9:30 start.
We need to urgently know who wishes to go so we can plan transport options and ensure we have sufficient experienced paddlers.
Please contact Caroline to confirm you are coming before the end of  Wednesday 5th August.