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Pershore Paddle Sunday 24th January 2010

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We had a great paddle this morning at Pershore with conditions that were quite unusual making the weir a great place to practice today. There was a reasonable amount of flow on the main part of the river but it was very high downstream of the weir which resulted in the stopper line moving half way up the slope and the traditional rocks being completely out of the way.
Caroline, Paul C, Clive and new member Richard paddled  open canoes (although I had a play in a canoe as well) and Paul H (in his new bright yellow dry suit) the and me paddled our kayaks.
Initially we took some time before we could find any part of the weir that had enough grip to allow you to stay in if you wanted to as it kept spitting us out but after that everyone had a go at practicing various skills.
After about an hour we paddled down and through the bridge at Pershore. At first this may have not have been one of my best ideas as the flow through the arches was generally a bit hard to come back upstream but we managed to get back through the far end arch and then battle our way upstream back to the lock as we could not get up the sluice branch as this was also to fast.
I took a few pictures but as usual my kids had used my camera so the battery soon went dead. Somehow there are pictures of everyone bar Richard so apologies and excuse the weird colours it was very bight sunshine and the water was that brown honestly.
It was worth going out and everybody seemed to have enjoyed the paddle.