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A challenging time Sea Kayaking in Weymouth 10-12 Sep 2010

Graham, Luke and I arrived roughly about the same time on the Friday night meeting up at Pebble Bank Caravan Park. After a bit of bartering a deal was made on campsite fees. The campsite had amazing views over the harbour to Portland and over the Fleet giving a good idea as to what to expect from the sea conditions. That night things were not looking to good with strong winds blowing.

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River Trip – Cardiff White Water Centre on Sunday 26 September.

We are planning to be there for the first session (09:30 to 11:30) which is at the lower flow rate of 4 cubic meters per second (refered to as 4 cumecs; or for any engineers or scientists 4 m3s−1 ).  This gives a good opportunity to get used to the course either paddling solo or taking turns in the Duo (accompanied by a coach in the back).  From 11:30 the flow is turned up which will be of more interest for the established paddlers and the brave / foolhardy.

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