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Ideas for Christmas and beyond.

Please see the document below for kit ideas. Any of the club coaches or senior members will be glad to advise you on kit to suit your paddling ambitions and budget.

What to put on your Christmas List

A very cold Sunday morning paddle.

On Saturday Nick Davies & I decided a nice early Sunday morning paddle would be very pleasant. We decided to meet in Pershore at 8am and paddle from Fladbury back to Pershore, Click here for a map.

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Sunday 21st November – River Barle report

Another good trip on Sunday after an early start (7.30).  Wendy, Adam and I met up with Luke, Fitz, Clive and John at the car park at Tarr Steps just before 10.00.

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The Usk on a Day off

I had some holiday left to take and decided I was going to go paddling, mid week. The original plan was to paddle the River Teme as an overnight trip but due to the lack of rain and problems sorting the camping out Plan B came into force.

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Nafford Weir, Sunday 7th November by Emma

Everywhere in Worcestershire and Herefordshire was sunny, but not Nafford. Liz, Sophie, Graham, Clive, Paul, Tim, Luke and I kitted up and headed down to the river, and were shortly joined by Fitz and Stephan.

The water was fast flowing as we got in at the lock, ready to shoot the weir. Apart from Clive, last to shoot the weir was Tim, who unfortunately capsized but was quickly rescued by the great teamwork of Clive, Graham and Luke. Just minutes later Tim was swimming again, after getting caught in a tree.

A little bit later Sophie took a swim and then had another 3 dips later on. I capsized in the weir, managed to hand roll (with a little help from the weir) but was then left surfing with no paddles: luckily the rescue team were soon on hand to equip me with some more. Soon I had capsized once again but this time managed to flip back up. However, 10 minutes before heading back, I went for a final swim.

Throughout the morning we had been ferry gliding, edging, a few break in and outs, some surfing, couple of spins, and just some general playing in the weir. By the time we had finished, the sun was shining and the mist had cleared, making a beautiful morning’s play.


Suggest a River Trip

We are looking for suggestions for future river trips. If there is a particular river you would like to paddle, that you may have paddled before, or a river you have never paddled then we want to know about it. It can be a River, Lake, Coastal, Sea, Canal, suitable for either Sea Kayaks, Canoe, Touring, Playboating, Whitewater or camping. We want to hear about anything you would like to paddle.

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