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Winter Social Reminder & Voting form

A last minute reminder to you all to book your tickets to the Winter Social Event at Pershore Football Club (green arrow on map). The details are on this poster and we are looking forward to a great event. The social team has done a great job keeping the price to £10 for adults and £5 for under 16’s which includes food from The Shunarga restaurant in Pershore High Street.

As usual we are having some awards, but one of the awards is open to members to vote on. It is the ‘WKCC Club Members Award’. Click Here to vote.

This is your opportunity to vote for someone in the club. This could be someone who has helped you, coached you, given advice, or who you think is a great member of the club. Whoever receives the most votes, from valid club members, will receive an award at our Winter Social Event at Pershore Football Club on 5 February 2011.

Please take 5 minutes to cast your vote.

Change to this Sunday

There is a change to the programme for this Sunday. We will now meet at Pershore Riverside Centre at 10am, Sunday 30th January  as Cheltenham Canoes will be running a demo session.

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New guide for potential Club Members

We have just expanded the new members section of the website to include more details about becoming a member of the Club. There is also a Frequently Asked Question section to help new or potential members.
Becoming a member of WKCC

Trip Report, Luddington to Bidford

So we (Claire, Graham & I) arrive at Bidford carpark, just gone 09.40, shortly followed by Richard W, Luke, John H and Rita. I though that was it until Paul C turned up (I had forgotten he called me on Friday night to say he was coming).

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2 Day Open Canoe Trip on River Avon

As some of you may know from Thursdays announcement we are planning a 2 day trip on the River Avon, camping overnight just outside Evesham.

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Luddington to Bidford 16/01/2011

Tomorrows River trip is on the River Avon, from Luddington to Bidford.

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Adult Course River Trip 9th January 2011

A very successful river trip was held for our recent adult course attendees. It was a cold crisp winters morning on the Avon at Pershore and the river was high after all the snow melt and recent rain. Turn out was great and most people were there.
We headed upstream from the Pershore Riverside Centre and paddled upstream against the flow up to Wyre weirs.
This gave people a chance to try some ferry gliding/moving water crossing. Everyone then got out at the lock to look at the weir.  Adam gave a lecture on weirs and what’s safe and what’s not. After that we did a quick weir shooting demo and then everyone followed and shot down the weir with no capsizing. Great job all round.
We then headed back downstream to Pershore in no time at all assisted by the flow.
A great job all round and hope to see you all continuing to paddle with us throughout the coming years.