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River Trip Suggestion

We are starting to think about river trips and activities for the rest of 2011 and 2012. As always it is great to do things members want to do and if you have been some where or want to do a particular river then let us know. Please compete the attached form and let us know what it is you would like to do.

New Members Night

The next 2 New Members sessions are as follows, 18 August 2011 and 8 September 2011.

Plum Fair

Please complete the Voting Form to let us know if you are able to assist.

July Weekend 2012, Please vote

Fitz has already come up with 2 excellent ideas. The Upper Severn, above Shrewsbury or the Thames, at Letchlade.

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1st July weekend Report now with photos and video

Thanks to Laura Teagle for her report on the July Weekend.

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Container Work

We made good progress this afternoon with sorting out the right hand container.

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Upton Triathalon

As some of you may know we recently provided rescue cover for the swim section of the Upton Triathalon. This is the second year we have done this and it was a great success. However there was one key difference from last year to this year.

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WKCC Clothing

We are sorting out clothing again, T Shirts, Polo Shirts, Rugby Shirts & Hoodies. Please click here to make your selection.

Latest Programme

Hi all, here is the latest programme for Q3. If you have any suggestions or comments, not just on this programme but also on any trip or event you would like, or if you wish to help organise a trip them please let one of the programme committee know. That would be either Liz W, Wendy C, Ed M or Clive P.

Q3 Programme 2011

Catch Up

It has been a while since there have been any updates on the web, so here they are, but I may have forgottoen some. The new programe will be uploaded i a few days.

July Weekend – Reports wanted

Night Paddle – We had a great night paddle on the Wye fro Symonds Yat down to Monmouth the other Saturday. We saw some night life in the form Bats, Nesting Swans, Jumping Fish, Fishermen who we confused with our glow sticks and a cygnet following us.

UKCC Level 1 Coaches – Congratulations to Liz, Ed, Meg, Rita, Claire, Jonathan, Paul C, Tim, Richard B & Andy P who all passed their coaching course.