1st July weekend Report now with photos and video

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Thanks to Laura Teagle for her report on the July Weekend.

Wow! What a fab weekend. Being in a boat with Ellie Carmichael and Fitz was such a laugh. Saturday was about a 10 mile paddle. We went through little rapids along the way. But each time, our boat we named ‘Tally Hoe’ Had to push it to the limits. We did the rapids standing up, standing up BACKWARDS then stood on the gunnels! Luckily we did the gunnels on still water not the rapids. Sunday was even funnier. We paddled down to Jackfield Rapids were my mum fell in! Paul Craven also went in. All in all, it was an absolutely amazing weekend!

Thank you

By Laura Teagle

See WKCC YouTube link for a few Jackfield video clips

Photos from Liz

Photos from RichardB