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Pershore Plum Festival – Ed and Liz

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A very big thank you, to everyone who helped on Bank Holiday Monday at Pershore Plum Festival. These include the following; Clive, Graham, Fitz, Nick Davies ,Wendy, Liz ,Sophie, Emma, Caroline,Oliver and Luke.{apologies if I have forgotten anyone.}
48 people braved the waters. These were representative of many differing ages from all walks of life, all appeared to have great fun.
Oliver’s rescue skills were put to the test when he had to rescue two ladies out of the river after they capsized 5 minutes after leaving Pershore! All came out laughing, if not a little wet!
The club received very positive feedback from the members of the public and many demonstrated an interest in joining the club.
May I extend our grateful thanks to Jane for her design of the banner and leaflets, they looked extremely professional.

Best Wishes
Ed Moore.

Liz article
Another cloudy Bank Holiday Monday saw several Club members congregating at PRSC to prepare for the day ahead.
On our arrival, Ed, Wendy, Luke and Oli were already attempting to erect the marquee – this was finally achieved with the assistance of Graham, Sophie, Emma, Clive and myself and, of course, a broom handle! Kit was brought over to our stand to draw interest and our brand new banner was on full display for the first time attracting many customers.
Wendy, Ed and myself manned the stall giving out our new leaflets, explaining all about the club and signing people up for the river trips whilst Clive, Graham, Sophie, Emma, Oli, Luke and Caroline provided the advice and escorting on the river. At our busiest we had about 4 open canoes, a kayak and the KataKanu on the river carrying customers from as young as 3years and even a 6month old dog!
The day progressed well with 48 people enjoying a river trip with the Club, many first time paddles. The weather could have been warmer for us, especially for the two ladies who decided to take a dip whilst out in their canoe (complete with mobile phone, keys and purse) and who were subsequently rescued by Oli –well done Oli.
During quieter times the younger assistants were spotted paddle boarding and Dragon boating as well as scaling the climbing wall and all that after traipsing around the town handing out leaflets.
Well done to everyone for their effort in providing an excellent representation of the Club.