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River Trip Sunday 4th March Barle or Lower Tryweryn

Next Sunday we are scheduled to paddle the River Barle in Exmoor next Sunday 4th March. Unfortunately the current levels are very low.
If this is still the case at the end of next week and subject to dam release Fitz is suggesting an option to go and paddle the lower section on the Tryweryn which is similar in charcteristics. This section is Grade 2 similar to what many of you have done recently with one optional Grade 3 section.
We will give you more details later in the week.

Sunday 26th February – Symonds Yat

Report by Liz,  thank you.

A good turnout of members on a nippy but sunny morning met for a play in the rapids at Symonds Yat and for some of us it was our first river paddle of 2012. The river was fairly high and fast flowing with strong currents which proved to be a challenge for most of the paddlers and resulted in many having a dunking in the freezing water; swimmers on the day included Claire, Ed, Ross, Tim, Harry and Jules.
Jules, having capsized more than once, did manage to roll up at least once whilst Emma, who capsized whilst avoiding a rock,  managed to accomplish her 1st unprepared river roll to the accompaniment of cheers from rest of the group.

Having split into two groups, based on ability, we practiced our ferry gliding, edging and breaking in and out of eddies with varying degrees of success. The more advanced group, some in open boats and others in kayaks, took advantage of the challenging water conditions and stayed on the water for the duration whilst the rest of us practiced and improved our skills in the calmer waters before disembarking at the beach, portaging back up to just above the rapids and descending once again with improved confidence and ability.

As usual there were moments of madness (realizing that their BA was in the car boot whilst they were in their kayak on the water!), silliness (falling off the back of a kayak which was attempting a seal launch!) and seriousness (listening carefully to the coaches and concentrating on the task in hand) which all added to make an yet another excellent day on the river for WKCC and their members.

WKCC – Sunday paddle moved due to river levels

This Sundays paddle on the Lugg is going to be replaced by Symonds Yat due to low water levels of the Lugg again.

We will be having a session at Symonds Yat East this coming Sunday. You will need to be ready to be on the water for 10 am so I suggest you get there for 9:30 pm. The car park is likely to be busy so you have to be patient to find a space.
The paddle is not suitable for beginners but you will know if you have enough experience. It’s a great place to park and play and try moving water, breaking out and in and running mild rapids so it’s worth the journey.

If you have any further questions or to verify you are coming then contact Graham or Adam before 14:00 on Saturday please via text if possible to verify you are coming and we know to wait for you as there is no or minimal phone signal on site. Numbers are on the programme.
You will need £3.50 for the car park per £1 per boat as a launch fee (or something close to this).

Go down the M50 and A40 and follow the signs to Symonds Yat east !! Car park is before you reach the pubs.

This trip is well worth the effort. Symonds Yat East Map:
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Items for Sale

Here are a few items offered for sale by club members. Contact them directly please.

Paranha inazone 232 club spec with thigh grips fitted . Very little use 12 months old , air bags with boat. £320 o.n.o. Will bring to pool  if anyone wants to try it.  Nick Davis.
Oliver has for the following for sale. Contact Ed for details:
Palm wet boots English shoe size 7.  One pair £10
Red junior helmet. £10
Junior TNP paddle. £15.


Newbridge to Builth Wells – River Wye – Sunday 12th Feb 2012

Hope the 13 paddlers had a good day on Sunday. If I could have any small comments or write ups that would be great and I will add it to this post. Hopefully we all learnt something from the day;

Clive learnt that fire is hot, Tim discovered that shoes do find their own way home and Fitz found that it’s very hard to catch a sheep on a busy main road in the dark.

To start us off Nick Hall has sent us a batch of photos.
Cheers Graham