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1st Worcester Scouts – Top Barn – Saturday 28th April 2012

Today we ran two kayak and two canoe sessions at Top Barn near Holt Heath for 1st Worcester Scouts.
It turned out to be a very successful day and everyone enjoyed themselves despite the windy conditions.
As is typical with a scout group things started out not quite according to plan. We ended up being 3 to 4 coaches/assistants down on the day, the water based scout assistance never appeared, we ended up with nearly 40 scouts instead of the low 30’s we were expecting and the kit had not been arranged properly by the scouts to cover the numbers.
This is where our club do well all pulling together. With some good team work a new plan was hatched with the people we had. This plan relied on juniors Tom, Rachel, Harry and Olliver being a key part. All the coaches were extremely impressed with how mature and helpful they were throughout the day and we could not have done it without you Grin
Adult coaches and assistants were Adam, John G, Graham, Caroline, Ed, Paul C, Matt, Simon and providing vital bank support Rita.
We had a good debrief afterwards to map out everything we learnt so we can pass this on to other groups.
Well done to all.



GB Canoe Trials – Lea Valley Sunday 15th April

On Paul C’s recommendation last month me and Marina went to Lea Valley White Water Centre to watch the final day of the GB Canoe Slalom Trials. Today was men’s C1, K1 and C2 and women’s K1. To see some of the countries top paddlers was superb.

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Paddlepower River Trip Reports from Ed C, Claire and Sue – Sunday 1st April

Today was the first time I used my boat on the river, the first time I seal launched and the first time I capsized by mistake!  Sophie & Emma did a great warm up which was follow the leader, then we played British bulldog.   Then Emma and Lucy were on and Emma got me, I then tried to get Sophie, but she was too quick, I leant over too far and went swimming!  Thanks to Ben for rescuing me.

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WKCC – Open Canoe Trip Sunday 8th April

The proposed camping weekend did not happen but instead we had a good 10 mile open canoe paddle. Here is the first report from Nick D and a few photos from Paul C.
p.s.  New canoe/people friendly owner at the soon to be renamed back to the Fish and Anchor!!

Easter Sunday morning Graham, Paul c , John H , Fitz, Nick D, Liz, Emma, Sophie, Claire, Laura, Lucy, Rita & Caroline met up at PRSYC at 9:15.
We loaded up 3 cars with boats and paddles for the trip and dropped one car with dry kit in at the finish in Offenham. We then went to Luddington where in groups of 4 we carried the boats to the river. After everyone was changed and boats were loaded ,we set off. After about 3 miles we reached the first weir which curved round is a shallow angle with a step at the bottom where the river is at a low level.Not everyone shot this weir , Paul, Rita, Fitz, Emma, Graham and i did it. After this it runs into a short shallow rapid where at the end we stopped for a short lunch brake. We carried on and reached the second weir after a couple of miles, this one was a more rocky weir with a lot of debris in it but on inspection had a good runnable line. The third weir was only a mile down stream , this one was another rocky weir but with a nice easy line to run. The wind was picking up a bit and was making it more challenging on the windy sections of the river. We had another couple of miles before the third weir , this one had about a 2ft drop on it but there were no straight forward lines to run .3 of us ran the weir with different levels of success, unfortunately Fitz decided to take a run on the far side of the river where the flow was better, but the flow was going straight towards some trees and a large tree root which he managed to get pinned against. It then took Fitz,Graham, Paul & myself about 30 minutes with the use of a pruning saw, ropes and a pulley to get the boat free. After we packed everything away we paddled the last couple of miles, run one more very straight forward weir before we reached the fish and anchor, a very good day was had by all. Nick D


Canoe Polo Tournament Saturday 10th March 2012 – Report

Wychavon Kayak and Canoe Club (WKCC) held their 2nd annual Canoe Polo tournament at Droitwich Leisure Centre on Saturday, 10th March with 9 teams competing on the night.

Teams of 13-16 year olds from Festival Housing, Droitwich Young Firefighters (2 teams) and WKCC (2 teams) competed in this year’s Junior category. Although their paddling ability varied greatly,with some being only occasional paddlers,  everyone thoroughly enjoyed the chance of playing against all the other teams and the atmosphere was definitely competitive with some closely fought games.

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