History and A Seal called Keith, all on a canoe trip

We all met at Upton where Caroline gave us a very interesting talk about the Civil War and how Keith and all the other commanders in the Civil War fought and moved.

Then Adam took us to a very interesting church where Tom showed us all of the musket shots all up the side of the wall. Then we had a walk down to one of the battle fields were Tom and Adam talked to us about the soldiers and showed us a map of how the field would have looked back then.

We then set off and, apart from Adam falling over and Tom laughing at him, nothing happened when we were getting on to the water. When we were on the river, Adam and Tom shotPowick Weir first. Then me and my Dad, then Graham and Alan. The others followed  with Caroline and Emma coming last, with Caroline swearing all the way down! We met up with Steve and Paul at the bottom. Simon and Ed decided not to shoot the weir and waited at the bottom. The paddle down was uneventful, except for Ed spending most of the time facing backwards, until we made a poor attempt at the bridge of boats with Adam giving some helpful advice to tie it to the tree. As we paddled onto the River Severn we had aunexpected guest. A seal!!!! We all decided to name him Keith. Keith swam with us for about half an hour beforeswimming off. After that we all saw an amazing sunset which was a lovley end to our paddle and I’m sure everybody would like to say a big thank you to Caroline who organised this amazing trip.

By Harry Craven.