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Sunday on the Avon

Sunday 25th cold morning on the Avon

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Monday 4th March

Just to let you all know that Monday 4th March in the pool will NOT be a swimming session, it will be the come and try it.

2 Star Assessment

The details have now been finalised for the upcoming 2 Star Assessment

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Sunday 24th February – Cardiff International Whitewater Centre

One cold morning we all met at Cardiff white water centre to do a personal skills session with Adam. With the tint of snow in the air we discovered the conveyer to the top can get a little slippery. Once we made it up and got a couple of runs under the belt the fun began, Adam started to set the challenges. True to form I was the first to go for a roll, kayak vs raft – the raft will win. A couple of runs later and things start to get tricky 4 more have rolled.

Now it’ time for the water to be increased from 4 to 8 cumecs. A few more skills runs or lack of and many missed breakouts the last few had also rolled,  Adam’s head was in the water so that counts, Ian was the last to fall. A quick change and a hot drink at the cafe before heading home after a thoroughly enjoyable day on the water.

The cold water team included Adam, Luke, Simon M, Emma W, Emma B, Ian, Jules and Graham.


p.s. Despite the numerous rolls to everyone’s credit there were no swims from our club. Don’t think it was easy as there were many swimmers on the day.

Sunday 24th February – Pershore to Eckington

It was a chilly start today. Only 6 of us Roy and Sue tandem in their open boat, Nick D and Paul C were solo in their open boats, me and Dominique in kayaks. We set off around 10.15 am from Pershore paddling to Eckington. We saw some Herons and Deer along the way which was nice. Just after half way into our paddle Paul found a suitable place for us to stop and have a drink and snack. There was lots of chat about the upcoming Spey trip in May. Looking forward to seeing the photos of Roy eating off his gingham tablecloth in his canoe !! We headed off and soon came across quite a large burnt out boat, we guessed it must of only happened recently as the smell was still in the air. To save us having to portage at Wyre weir we paddled down a small side section that brought us out at the bottom of the weir. There was lots of debris on the river banks along the way after the recent high water. Soon after we arrived at Eckington Bridge. I don’t think my fingers and toes have ever been that cold as they were this morning. It as a good paddle though . Thanks to Sue for organising it . Reported by Claire

Thursday Nights

We have lots of river reports on the site but no-one really reports on any of the Thursday night pool sessions. This is a shame as there is a lot being achieved during these sessions at the moment, the stand out being rolling. Everyone seems to be progressing well with this, juniors and adults alike, and it would be great to have some accounts of how people have got to the magical moment of being upright from upside down, realising that they have done this without anyone placing or holding the paddle blade for them!! Please send any thoughts in which you think may inspire others with their paddling…

Thursday nights are a great opportunity too to try out something in the warmth of the pool that you may not have tried yet on the river. If you think of something that you’d like to do, or would like to get involved as a junior or adult in helping organising or running a session then please talk to one of the coaches.

Thursday Night Polo Session 

This Thursday the pool was full of the noise of boats and paddles clashing together, helmets banging on helmets, shouts of being free to receive an incoming ball, whistles blowing just as someone was getting their forward momentum going only to have to go into reverse before hearing the whistle blow again and start charging forward once more (multiply this by a few more whistle blows if your name is Ollie!), the loud Bang! of the ball hitting the opposing teams goal, the groans of the said opposing teams, water being moved around everywhere and the general sounds of people having a good time.

 All in all it was a frantic session expertly set up and run by both Sophie and Emma; there was never a dull moment and whether it was Sophie putting the paddlers through sprint sessions or Emma working on dribbling or passing, no-one was left unoccupied and everyone was involved in something. The session concluded with a quick fire polo game alternating between four teams – no-one was quite sure who won in the end but it looked like everyone enjoyed their evening and left the pool with a smile on their face.

Matt Soley

Lugg Report Sunday 10th

We had 8 people for the Lugg paddle today from Lugg Greeen to Leominster.  Sue, Caroline, Emma B, Roy, Tim, Paul, Jules and me.

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Sunday 10th February – Lugg – Meet Leominster

Sunday Paddle – Lugg above Leominster. Please note this is not a full club organised trip so unfortunately it has to be limited to people who have done similar due to levels and limited cover.

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Two for the Teme

Had a great paddle on the Teme today. Met up with Alain about 10.00 then had a look at the take out at Knightwick ensuring we could get out easily before the weir.

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Social Night – 21 Feb 2013

Caroline is organising a social on Thursday 21 Feb, please complete this form so she can make the arrangements, please do this by 13 February. If you have any questions please ask Caroline.