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BCU/CE Volunteer Awards

The Application process for the Canoe England Volunteer Awards 2013 is now open!

More details or visit follow this link to the Volunteer Awards Page

It would be wonderful to see lots more of our fantastic volunteers nominated in the West Midlands so please please please get your nominations in !

Look what I found

Back in the early 1990’s we had a series of Newsletters, guess who the editor was….

Well I have found them, have a read of what we used to get up to, you may know some of the names.

Vol 2 Issue 2 Mar Apr 93

Vol 2 Issue 1 Jan Feb 93

Vol 1 Issue 4 Jul Aug 92

Vol 1 Issue 3 May Jun 92

Vol 1 Issue 2 Jan Feb 92

Vol 1 Issue 1 Nov Dec 91

Dry Bag anyone?

Aldi will be stocking dry bags again real soon, follow this link to see them


Club Clothing

Jane has done some great work organising some WKCC Garments.

Please fill out the form electronically for the t-shirts and hoodies and email to Jane. Payment can be by cheque or direct debit into the club account. Once the order has been placed it will take 2 weeks to deliver.

For the base layers we are getting samples made to ensure people order the right size. The form shows people what they will be getting and the cost. We are hoping the samples will be ready next week. Club members can see the samples and then fill out an order form so we know the right size and other details are correct. New form coming soon.
Once the order has been placed it will take 4 weeks to deliver and we should collate all the order making it far easier for us and the supplier.
I hope this makes sense, any other ideas please let her know.

FSRT Courses

I have been finalising the details for these courses and it will be Saturday 27 April, all I need now are 6 people. Please contact me asap if you are interested. You need to be of 2 star ability and over 14 years of age, as well as being prepared to spend most of the day in the river.

If you are interested please contact me real quick so I can confirm the assessor.

Latest Programme now available

Q2 2013 Programme now available, click here

Dart weekend, March 2013. Dom R


Jane and Andy drove down to Cheltenham for 17:30’ish. After working out the best way to fit the boats on the car and the realisation that the boot of the Focus isn’t actually that big (or too much kit!) we headed down the M5 for Dartmoor. Listening to Classic FM in the car (sorry guys), talking about what we wanted to get out of the weekend and how many times would we likely have to bail.

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Dart Trip Report from Clive

Well, what a great weekend. We had sunshine, rain, mist, snow and a bit of sleet.

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