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GB Freestyle Selections, Heats

Due to the unexpected snow in late March, GB Freestyle had been forced to postpone selections. We arrived at HPP just before 8:30am, ready for briefing & although the weather was sunny in Nottingham, there was a bitterly cold wind.

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Standard Operating Procedure Update

I’ve updated the Wyre Weir SOP following our coaches session the other week.  It can be found directly at this link ….
or via the ‘Public Documents’ page on the web site.

I’ve added some notes on the Piddle Brook trip as this seemed a sensible place to put it.  Could you please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the SOP before we have a session up at Wyre.  Please let me know if you have comments, questions or suggestions

The Pershore SOP is at a draft stage and is with Ollie and Ed to have a look; this will be published in due course.

Sunday 28th April – River Teme – Ludlow to Ashford Carbonell

This Sundays paddle is for people who have been on some of our moving water paddles and need more practice or progression.
Please contact Matt Soley to confirm you are going. Note Matt is on a course Saturday so will respond later.
We will paddle from Dinham Weir Car Park below the castle down to Ashford Carbonell. You need to be in the car park, changed and ready to paddle for 10:00 so we can then run the shuttle. It’s about 4 miles and we will hopefully spend some time practicing along the way. We should be off the water and on our way home by 15:00 at the latest. Please bring a snack or some light lunch as we will have a break. Bring plenty of warm layers as it may be cool (you can always keep them in a dry bag in case you need them). We will meet in the usual place (see google map link below). Note the best route in is as you come down the hill into Ludlow you will see the bridge and a set of traffic lights. Turn left up the hill (Whitclife Road) before the lights, follow it up the hill until a slight branch/small green and turn right, follow the road up and then round the hairpin bend and down the hill (Middle Wood Road), following onto Dinham, over the bridge and then turn first left into the Linney. Follow the road along for about 200 yards and the car park is on your left.

Dinham Weir Car Park, Ludlow, SY8 1EH

WKCC Garments

The deadline is approaching to order WKCC branded garments, have a look at the attached. WKCC base layer clothing.

If you have any question please contact Jane A.

For those of you who are interested in base layers the form is attached. If want to place an order can you fill in the Word document and email the completed form to: 

Please submitted your order no later than Tuesday 30 April , 2013 and delivery will be within 4 weeks. If you are unsure what size you need I have samples of most sizes for you to try on. You can pay by cheque or direct debit. If you pay by direct debit I need to know what ref number you’ve used.

Can you check that you have filled in your name, size and cost before sending it.

Please note there is a deadline for ordering of TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2013.

Review of Winter 2012/2013 Pool Sessions

Firstly, I would like to thank all the coaches for all their hard work.

Over the last 6 months, we have improved our paddle strokes  forward backwards, sidewards, and definitely improved our rolls including hand rolls. Each week, at the pool the sessions were  run by different coaches who put tremendous effort into helping us.

Some weeks there were only a few juniors in attendance and other weeks there was up to 18 of us. We always seemed to get wet with a variety of games that everyone enjoyed.

Great fun was had by all.


Sunday 21st April – Lugg Green to Leominster

This Sundays scheduled trip has been moved as we did it last Sunday. We will now do the trusty paddle from Lugg Green to Leominster.

Meet ready to paddle in the car park in Leominster (car park by fire station) at 9:30. We will then try to get all the boats on as few cars as possible to avoid a ferry. The trip is not suitable for beginners but please contact me or a club coach if you are in doubt.
Please bring a drink and snacks/lunch as we will stop for a break.

Please contact Graham before 13:00 Saturday to confirm if going. Contact details will be on the text. I will not be available after that until 2 am when I return.

See River Trip page for map.

Paddler Development Group Updates

The paddler development group page has been updated and now includes the latest course dates where appropriate. The sheet can be found via the link at the top of the ‘Coaching Corner’ page on the website or here …
Paddler Development Groups

Please let me know if you have any questions of need some advice.

Adam Hall
Paddle Sport Development

Non Paddling Night

Last night gathering at PRSYC was a great success, thanks to Caroline & Richard for organising.

Here are a few link from the Ordnance Survey website that you may find useful.

OS Map Symbols

Have fun map reading with your children

How to use a compass

Ordnance Survey Grid References



Easter Trip 2013 River Wye

Easter Trip 2013 River Wye – Hereford to Hoarwithy with overnight stop at Lucksall campsite.

The Easter trip had been planned as a Spey warm up and although open to all club members as a canoeing trip, the original incentive was to provide an opportunity for those going on the Spey trip to do a test run with all the kit needed and have a practice paddle with fully laden boats.

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