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Spey Day 4 – Ballindallach to Craigellachie

So after the campfire of the night before, the fire was lit for breakfast by some. We were all well into our morning routines by now so we all had everything sorted by the time Mark arrived and we were off.

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King of the Wave

Last Thursday, Dad and I left home with the sun shining, not for long as we approached Chadbury, down came the rain. The evening was well attended by club members. We had fun playing, and shooting the weir. The highlight was competing for “King of the wave”, which is becoming a club challenge. At one point, we had eight people on one wave, which was a challenge in itself. Swim of the night goes to Clare. T aided by Joules. Not the ideal debut in her new boat.!! The fun continued yesterday at Nafford, aided by the glorious sunshine, and a trip to the pub afterwards. On the whole a great few days on the river.


FSRT Course

To all club members. There are still places on the FSRT course on 22 June 2013 in Pershore, if you are interested please contact Clive asap.

Spey – Day 3

Spey Day 3 – Balliefurth Wood to Ballindalloch

Day 3 started and we were beginning to settle into a nice routine. Everyone was up and sorting themselves out, ready for the days paddling. So with everything packed away Mark arrived and we set off.

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Coaching The Mind – Module

Someone I know wants to run a ‘Coaching The Mind’ Module, and they are doing it as part of their assessment to deliver this module, so it is at a reasonable cost, should be no more than £25 per person for a 6 hour module. (I will speak to the treasurer about the possibility of club subsidy)

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Spey Day 2 – Clive

Day 2 was from Aviemore to Balliefurth Wood, about 13 miles. After we carried out kit down from the campsite we set off. It was quite a warm morning compared to the previous day and we were all itching to get under way. We now had the guide with us and so we split into 2 groups.

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Next FSRT Courses

I am trying to finalise the next 2 FSRT courses. If I get enough people I will run both, but I do need to know fairly soon who can make which dates. The dates in question are Saturday 22 June 2013 for an Adults course (18 years old and above) and Saturday 20 July 2013 for a junior course (Between 14 and 18 years old).

Places are limited to 6 people per course but if there is enough interest we will organise another course either over the summer or in September.

Can you contact Clive and let him know if you are interested.

Thursday @ Chadbury

Just to confirm we are meeting at Sankey Marina on Thursday and paddling down stream to Chadbury Weir, have a look at this map to see where to go.

As you approach Evesham on the A44, heading towards Tesco, Sankey Marina is on the right, take the second entrance which goes down to the marina. Please park sensibly as there are other users of the marina who will need access.

FSRT Course

There is a spare place on this Saturdays (25/05/13) FSRT at PRSYC. If you are interested and available all day on Saturday please contact Clive asap.

Spey Drive Up & Day 1 (Clive)

So it is over, it feels a bit sad for it to be finally over, given the Spey trip was about 9 months in the planning.

I was pick up in Pershore about 7.30am on Sunday 12 May by Matt R, Graham & Nick D. We got on the M5 before the Party Bus and they soon over took us. We decided just to press on. We stopped a few time for fuel and food but made good time, ultimately arriving in Aviemore ahead of the others, not sure which way they went?

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