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Knightwick – Indepedance Day

Some great photos from John H again. Captured some great postures and the odd shakey moment.


Polo 2013-2014

Believe it or not we need to be thinking about entering teams in next season league if we want to do it (in fact we are actually a bit late already).  Matches are again planned for Cheltenham so reasonably convenient for us.

Last year we entered three teams which proved to be a bit of a burden in terms of time and cost to the Club so we quickly need to gauge how much commitment there is for teams before entering again.  I felt the juniors team worked well and as our juniors will now be older, stronger and more experienced we can build on last year very nicely.  The ladies team started well but struggled towards the end and the open seniors was just a disaster in terms of support.

I would be prepared to enter a juniors team if we have juniors who want to play and train but really need a ‘team manager’ to commit to pulling a senior team together if we are going to enter.  As time is of the essence could you please let me know if you are keen to play next season or prepared to manage a team.  I need to know quickly.

Adam Hall
Paddle Sport Development
Wychavon Kayak & Canoe Club

Llyn Brianne

A bit of a late decision last week, but Nick D and I went up to Llyn Brianne. We did have a plan to do some wild camping, but more on than later.

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Their first trip

So we met at 10am in Pershore, got our kit sorted and headed to Wyre Piddle. It was the river trip for those people that had done the Monday course.

We had a small briefing and set off. The weather was really nice, so water and sun cream were the order of the day, and we paddle towards the Wyre Weir. After giving some instruction and telling everyone it was shallow, which it was, I paddled to the weir, got out of my boat and stood on the weir. There were a few who were a bit nervous but they soon realised how much fun it was when they saw the other shoot the weir.

So after they had all done it and I offered them another go everyone said yes, but they became more concerned about the seal launch to get back on, but again they all enjoyed it once they did it.

So we shot the weir and head back to Pershore. On the way they were all saying how much they had enjoyed the course and how the trip was really good, ‘What other trips are their like this’ someone asked me. I explained there are lots of great trips on the Avon and other local rivers.

We got back to PRSYC, sorted out the cars and kit and did a de brief. There were some good questions and I hope that we will see most of them again soon.

After the debrief, PUB, of course.