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Last River Session

This coming Thursday, 5/9/13, will be our last Thursday night river session, so lets make it a good. Endless River will be bringing some kit along to look at and buy, he has some really nice open boat paddles, and a really good range of paddling kit.

Have a look at his website and if there is anything specific you are interested in then give him a call to make sure he can bring it.

We will also be do a ‘Bring a Boat’ session, so feel free to bring your boat so other can have a go a try them out.

Any questions just let me know.

Explore the River Severn

Easy trip Sat 10am 31st August РThis is a 3 mile expedition to explore Tewkesbury from the River Severn.  

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Surfing Weekend

Next weekend’s up and coming camping & surfing will be taking place at Porthcawl, not a million miles away on the Welsh coast between Cardiff and Swansea.

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Programme Change

The Battlefield trip has now been moved, it is a day earlier on Saturday 31st August. This is a great trip so if you are interested please contact Caroline.

Interested in a WWSR Course?

Are you interested in doing a WWSR (White Water Safety & Rescue) Course?

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Tandem Canoe Regatta Results – 01 August 2013

Results from last Thursday’s canoe Regatta. ¬†Nothing too serious but a good fun evening in the sun and then a quick circuit of Pershore weir and back through the lock (it would have been quicker if John and Ed had remembered to close the down stream gates before trying to fill the lock!).

Anyway the results over an approximate 250m course …

Round one

Race 1: Pauline, Graham & Libby (36.7 sec) v Oliver & Ed (41.1 sec)

Race 2: Matt & Emma (36.4 sec) v Claire & Adam (36.0 sec)

Race 3: Fitz, Sue & Ryan (41.0 sec) v Rob & Charlie (48.8 sec)

Round two

Race 1: Pauline & Adam (35.0 sec) v Claire & Fitz (40.4 sec)

Race 2: Sue & Graham (40.0 sec) v Rob & Matt (35.0 sec)

Race 3: Emma & Oliver (43.4 sec) v Ed, Ryan & Libby (49.0 sec)