Battlefield Paddle – Sunday 29th September

This is scheduled for Sunday 29th September.  We start at 10am in Upton on Severn, but start paddling at 11am at Powick.  This is a canoe trip but kayaks can join if they like.  It’s a fairly long trip, you need to bring food, warm drinks and warm clothes.
Please contact Caroline in advance to confirm your plans or for further details by email   or by phone as per number on programme.
1. Interested?
2. Canoe or Kayak?
3. Joining at Upton for the historical preamble OR
4. Joining at Callow End (the get out)
5. Need to pick up a club Canoe?
6. Can you make lock-up for Sunday morning at 9am?  (or make own arrangements)
It should be fun. The last one Caroline organised was great too.