Ham Bridge to Knightwick – Sunday 20th October

We had a great paddle from Ham bridge to Knightwick 20th October reports from Ed and Tim.

Ed’s report.

Approximately 12 of the club members went on the paddle. The heavens opened as we got on the river, but soon brightened up as the sun came out. To add to this we had the pleasure of an otter and its pup, kingfisher and heron in our presence. If only I had taken my camera!
The flow of the river was steady, no swimmers to add to the list.
It was a pleasure to welcome new member Kevin Badham to the group.
We all practiced surfing and ferry gliding. It was a good warm up to for all those going to Brecon this weekend.
At the end, all got off the water with smiles on their faces, then for the journey home.
A big thank you to Matt Soley for organising the paddle.


Tim’s report

Paddling today were Graham and Emma W, Nick and Paul C in canoes. In kayaks were Ed, Rita, Jonathan, Matt S, Matt M, Simon and Clair T, Kev, Liz and Tim.
We all met in the lay-by at Knightwick at 1.30 and sorted the ferry up to Hambridge, We were on the river just after 2.00 just in time for the rain to start, it didn’t last long though and it was fine for the rest of the paddle. The river was flowing quite swiftly where we got in which gave us all a chance to warm up with a bit of ferry gliding. Matt and Matt gave us a pep talk and we were soon on our way taking every opportunity to use the eddies on the way down. The flow was enough to make a few surf waves without being too daunting for the less experienced. Although some of the waves did get a bit busy especially with the canoes on them as well! The two Matt’s gave some good instruction as we paddled on down which was good for all who needed it. As always it took longer than I thought it would what with playing etc. We ended the trip with some of us shooting the weir at Knightwick which had quite a big wave on it.
A great day!  Thanks to all who paddled.