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2 Star Sessions

Myself, Caroline & Clive will be putting together some 2 star sessions at the pool and on the river between January and April leading up to a 2 star assessment near Easter.

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The Teme on a November Sunday

Sunday on the Teme, in Chilly Weather.

There was a great turnout of 17 people – including three first-timers out with the club –  and it soon became clear that eddy space was going to be at a premium.  Thanks to the brisk current, we got going pretty swiftly, and were soon enjoying the golden autumn colours on the trees.

There was something for everyone on the trip, ranging from some people experiencing moving water for the first time, through to  Andy’s rather showy-offy (but very impressive) stopper-surfing.  Lou clearly decided that merely kayaking was a bit tame and raised her game with some white water swimming.  Paul’s fall-in was, in some ways more impressive, given that he was on flat water at the time.  And not actually moving.

The water level was up, which gave Clive the chance to give some useful guidance on judging how (and whether) to run weirs.

Despite the ice on  the puddles, the weather was kind to us; there was a good crowd out, personal boundaries were pushed and fun was had by all.  A great way to spend a sunday morning.”


Brecon 2014 !! While stocks last.

After another succesful weekend in Brecon we plan to return to The Held bunkhouse.
The dates will be 24th to 26th October 2014.  We need to book by 11th November this year.

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