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Coaching & Nafford

So the day started with the first of the 2 Star Groups Coaching Sessions. We had a good session at PRSYC working on 2 Star Tandem Canoe Skills, and a well done to everyone one who came along, there was a noticeable improvement in the skill as the session progressed. We practiced Forward Paddling, Draw Strokes and Sweep Strokes, everyone got a chance to paddle in the front and the rear of the boat, getting the full experience. As the session came to a close there was a suggestion of extending the day and paddling to Eckington Bridge. So after a few phone calls (to get permission) 10 of us were able to make it. So with a quick shuttle of the cars, a trip to ASDA for a sandwich and some extra clothes for Jennys sister (thanks Chris D) we set off.

While the river was high, it was lower than it had been recently and it was not going to take long. Some of us shot Pershore Weir, surprisingly shallow due to the gates being open, we headed off to Eckington Bridge. There was not much wind and a chill in the air, but the sun did make and appearance as we made our way along the river. Swapping places to give everyone a change to paddle in the front and back of the boat, we saw a Kingfisher and a Heron, which is always nice.

We reached Nafford Weir to fin it high as expected, so we portaged and went down the gully, rejoined the river and headed to Eckington Bridge. All in all it was a really nice paddle and a great way for the 2 Star candidates to practice the skills they had learnt in the mornings sessions.

And it adds a good number to our Winter Challenge total.

Thanks all for a great day.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to

all WKCC Club members & their families.


Winter Challenge – Can we reach 1000 miles?

Good progress on the Winter Challenge – 2 club paddles this weekend has got us to 839.  Its looking tight to hit the 1,000 mark but the holiday season may make it possible to squeeze in some more trips.  BCU have e-mailed today to say a paddle on 1st January will count towards the tally – so maybe that will make the difference.  I have to submit our details by 5th Jan so if you’ve been holding back from sharing your paddling you have 3 weeks to divulge.
These are the top five:
Max 23 miles
Lou 18 miles
Emma W 15 miles
Harry 9 miles
Jonah 9 miles
Nick 76 miles
Paul C 52 Miles
Graham 48 miles
Clive 41 miles
Rita 39 miles

Glasbury to Hay on Wye – Report

11 of us enjoyed a lovely paddle from Glasbury to Hay on Wye;  3 kayaks 2 tandem canoes & 4 solo canoes.
(New Emma, new Rachael, Sue T, Sue and Roy, Ed and Jenny, Pauline, Faye, Nick D, Graham)

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River Wye Trip – 15th December – Details and map

Center map

Sunday 15th December I am organising a canoe & kayak trip on the River Wye from Glasbury to Hay on Wye.

This is a nice easy stretch of grade 1 water so suitable for most of you including those working towards 2 star. River Leaders are sorted, and you need to be there at the layby across the bridge in Glasbury ready to paddle by 9:30 so we can sort ferry ready for earliest allowed launch of 10:00 am.

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Pershore Bridges to Eckington Bridge – 7th December

Caroline, Paul C, Paul W, Rita, Rachel, Emma and Sue spent a very enjoyable afternoon paddling the Avon.  A beautiful Winter’s day and we kept spotting Kingfishers, always a treat.  Read more and see photos (including winter swim)

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Q1 2014 Programme

Hi all, here is the latest programme, Q1 2014 Prog. If you have any comments or suggestion about this, or have any ideas for a future river trip or activity, then please talk to either Matt or Clive.