Glasbury to Hay on Wye – Report

11 of us enjoyed a lovely paddle from Glasbury to Hay on Wye;  3 kayaks 2 tandem canoes & 4 solo canoes.
(New Emma, new Rachael, Sue T, Sue and Roy, Ed and Jenny, Pauline, Faye, Nick D, Graham)

As we got onto the water a full rainbow could be seen in the distance in the direction of travel,  so we set off hoping to find the pot of gold.

The river was flowing at a reasonable pace but the paddling was easy,  even for a canoeing novice like myself; although Ed did most of the hard work in the back for the majority of the trip. This was a great opportunity to get some tips from more competent paddlers in a really relaxed environment.

We were blessed with sunshine most of the way in sharp contrast to this time last year and within minutes gloves and hats were stripped off and stowed away.

Some of our newer members in kayaks got a chance to practice their ferry gliding and eddying on water that was moving enough to get the idea but not so fast to threatened them.  Me and Ed also made it across the river and back without any swimming!

After a pleasant lunch stop it was time to test Eds nerve and swap places.  As always with the club I was encouraged to have a go and there were enough people around to help if it should all go wrong; fortunately it didn’t.

We didn’t find the gold at the end of the rainbow but our day was topped off nicely by a glass of mulled wine in the local pub, before heading home in the rain that had kindly held off until we were in our cars.



Some of the bird life we saw toda. Little Egret was one we had not seen before.