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Audio Example Post

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Cook Off!

So, just a few things ahead of the Cook Off on Sunday 28 December. We will meet in Pershore, at the Riverside Centre about 09.30 and aim to be in Fladbury paddling by 10:00, so please arrive early or ready to paddle with everything sorted.

New Quarter 1 2015 Programme

The 2015 Q1 programme is now ready, and there’s plenty going on. If there’s a trip that you’re not sure of then please get in touch with the Programme Secretary (Matt S). Equally, if there’s somewhere you’d like to paddle specifically then get in touch, there is a huge amount of resource within the club…

WKCC – Communication Information.

WKCC has 4 communication methods. All WKCC programme events will be published via all 4 methods. These are: 1. The club website 2. Via email using the membership email addresses (optional). 3. Text via mobile numbers supplied on the club membership forms (optional). 4. Facebook via the WKCC Facebook group (optional). The web article…