So I picked up Matt M at 7am and we headed to Langollen for the day. Arriving at 9.00 we joined the rest, got changed did the ferry and headed off down the river.

Of course Pauline made one of her famous comments in the back car while doing the shuttle, but thats a story for another time, but lets just say it was funny.

We headed off down the river, 16 of us, 4 canoe and 12 kayak. The weather was great, slight chill in the air but the sun was shining. We enjoyed a really nice paddle all the way to Horseshoe falls where 2 of the group joined the canal while the rest of us shot Horseshoe Falls and made our way down to Mile End Mill.

After the falls the is Chain Bridge Rapids, the Serpents Tail. Just after the rapids someone in a canoe was ferry gliding, and opps, misjudged it and ended up in the river. So we got to the top of Serpents Tails and everyone got to have a good look. It was quite high and looking good. Matt M was the only canoe to shoot it, unfortunately the last drop took its revenge. The nose of his boat went under the stopper, the boat filled with water and, well you can guess the rest. A few rope went out and he got safely to the side.

Matts S, Ben B, Graham & Fitz then decided to paddle it in their kayaks, and aside from Matt S getting the end of line a bit mixed up all went well.

We paddle down to Mile End Mill, taking in the various rapids, unfortunately Jenny took 2 swims in between the end of the Tail and Mile End Mill.

It was a great day but Matt M & I had to head home and leave the rest of the group, to be joined by more people in the evening, to have a great weekend in North Wales, lets hope someone writes a trip report.

Clive P