Thursday 22nd May – Eckington to Nafford

This Thursday we will be at Nafford weir. It’s a great place to come and practice moving water skills.
The usual format is to meet at Eckinton Bridge car park and paddle up to the weir as parking is limited at Nafford.  If you can aim to be leaving Eckington as a group at 18:30 to 18:45 and paddle upstream to Nafford. There will be people already there waiting to assist and coach you (including me and Clive).

The car park is marked with an odd circle with a cross in it and the smiley face is Nafford weir.

You may find the following zoomable google map more specific Eckington bridge

Alternatively if you don’t feel like a paddle come down and watch as it’s a good viewing area.
Hope to see you there.