Chadbury Weir 5th June 2014

Adam, Fitz ,Jenny ,Mat ,Sue T,Sue ,Roy ,Paul ,Harry ,Max, Dom ,Oli, Ed, Debbie, Harriet, Guy and Dave met at Sankey Marina on the edge of Evesham on bright sunny evening. We were faced with a fast flowing river that had risen about 3ft above normal levels due large amounts of rain in the previous days.
Adam, decided that we would paddle against the flow heading back towards Evesham practicing our ferry gliding and eddie hopping.
After about an hour we turned around sat in the flow and paddled very quickly down to the weir where we all got out to inspect the weir itself. Adam then highlighted a large stopper feature. The weir was extremely high.
Adam,Fitz, Paul C and Matt chose a place to shoot the weir, they safely negotiated it. Adam, came back to get the juniors and Jenny who paddled across the weir to the far side and shot the weir all successfully.
We then had a tiring paddle back to the Marina, a welcome drink and some chips awaited. The night finished with a stunning evening sunset over the Avon.
A good time was had by all.