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Tay Reborn

So having given some thought to the revised Tay trip I have put together the criteria for all potential attendees. The dates will stay the same and once people are confirmed and have and paid a deposit the rest of the planning will be sorted. 

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Sankey Weekend

Next week, the 22nd to 24th of August is the Sankey Marina weekend organised by me and Fitz.

It is for everyone, all ages and abilities. The plan would be to do an 8 to 9 mile paddle on Saturday, from Bidford to Evesham.  We need to be on the water by 10am. Everyone who wishes to join us should be at the Marina for 9am.  We will organise the ferry from there. This will be an all day trip, so please bring enough food and drink for the day, along with the appropriate clothing.

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Tay 2015 update

Tay 2015 Update, please read the entire document. So where are we with the Tay 2015 trip?

I am extremely pleased that so many people have come forward, it is fantastic that so many people genuinely want to do this trip. It is a great example of the club and its values that we can plan to stage such a trip and get so many people interested.

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Late night paddle

I am going for a paddle Saturday night 02/08/2014, yes night. Meet at Pershore Car Park by ASDA at 9.45pm so we can sort cars out.

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