Brecon 2014

Hi all,

Not long now to our weekend away, here are some final arrangements.

1)  Aim to arrive Friday anytime from 4pm. I appreciate many are working and the juniors are at school that day.

2)  The key code to the door is C2590x then turn to the right.
3)  Post code to the Held Bunk House is LD38LT.
4)  Don’t forget, you all need to bring your own sleeping bags towels for showers indoor footwear.
5)  Dry clothes needed for the evening.
6)  All the necessary equipment for paddling, I don’t think I need to expand on this.
7)  Food:
Friday evening, bring your own evening meal. Please note, there are good takeaways near by.

8)   Full English breakfast will be cooked on Saturday and Sunday morning by our  breakfast team.

9)   You will need to make your own arrangements for lunch both days i.e. sandwiches. This includes snack food and drink for when on the river.
10) Saturday evening meal, will be provided by Ed, Sue and Claire (we could really use another volunteer to bring something too please contact me asap).

      A good variety of choices will be available.

11) Please bring all your own choice of drinks. Tea and coffee will be provided.
There  will be a small additional cost for the breakfasts and evening meal on Saturday. This will be  approx. £7.00 per person, this is to cover cost of the ingredient’s.

Please would you bring cash with you to cover this on the weekend.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but hope it helps.

If you are planning to just come for the day to paddle it is important that you let me know so we are aware and can factor that into the days paddle and we can arrange for where to meet each day.

Getting excited already, hope you are all to. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Claire T