Cook Off!

So, just a few things ahead of the Cook Off on Sunday 28 December. We will meet in Pershore, at the Riverside Centre about 09.30 and aim to be in Fladbury paddling by 10:00, so please arrive early or ready to paddle with everything sorted.

The aim of this trip is for people to get used to paddling and then cooking a meal, tidying up after themselves and then heading off again. You will get the most out of it if you take it seriously and plan things out. Have a think about:

  • What you are going to cook
  • How you are going to cook it
  • How you are going to eat it
  • How are you going to tidy and clean up afterwards
  • How you are going to transport and carry your stuff
  • What shelter, if any, are you going to use

Each person should expect to be self sufficient, sorting out all their own kit and equipment, getting themselves on and off the water and so on. It is ok to work as a pair but this requires additional planning to ensure there is an equal workload.

So, leaving Fladbury at 10:00 and should arrive at Wyre Weir, where we will do the cooking, about 12 and I plan to allow 2 hours for the cooking and tidying up. If there is time then some people might put up a tarp for shelter but please do not rely on this for your own shelter.

This should mean we arrive in Pershore about 14:30 and by the time we have sorted ourselves out it will be 15:00.

If you have any questions give me a call or ask some of the other members that have done trips like this.