WKCC Supports the Pershore Riverside Festival – July 17/18

John Gregson, our WKCC Chair has made me aware of a new initiative to raise the profile, and raise funds for the Pershore Riverside Centre.

For the first time there are plans to run a River Festival on the Avon at Pershore, over the weekend of the 17/18 July.
I would like WKCC support this and there are variety of things we could do; for example, provide safety cover for various water based activities; offer try canoeing trips; support bell-boating activities etc.  The Festival will be designed to raise money for the Riverside Centre – so its in our interest for this to be as successful as possible.
I am looking for a small group of willing volunteers, adult and juniors to work with John to define what we do and rally the WKCC troops.  Please let me, or any of the coaches, know if you would be interested in helping with this.
Many Thanks
Caroline – contact 07909 537760 &