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Canoe Camping on the Avon

For those of you who are interested in trying canoe/kayak camping or looking to practice/enhance your skills, I’m organizing a one night local camping trip on Friday 3rd April (Good Friday). The plan is to paddle from Riverside Centre at Pershore to a campsite at Strensham, camp overnight, then paddle on down the river on…

WWSR Pre Course Training

Hi all. With the upcoming WWSR Course I have been asked by some people to do some practice & preparation. I have a plan for Saturday 28th February at Nafford Weir at 9am till 12 noon (ish). If you are interested let me know, I am aiming this at people who are going on the WWSR…

Fish of the Year 2015

The chart and entry form is now updated ready for 2015. It’s a bit more automated so let me know if you have any problems. Find the chart and the form in the usual place … Coaching Corner

FSRT Course in April

FSRT Course, Sunday 19th April, £70 per person, £60 for WKCC Members. 5 places available. Please contact me asap before I offer it outside the club, which I plan to do before the end of Feb. Anyone over 16 can do the course, it is a great course. Any questions let me know.

Video Example

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