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Tryweryn – Sunday 29th March

Todays Tryweryn paddle! Me, Ben Brown, Ian, Jonah and Max did a run on the upper to start. 0 swims but Max decided to practice his first ever moving water roll in the nice stopper drop just before Chapple.

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Winter Challenge – Results!!

We came 13th in the Miles and 4th in the Places Paddled.

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Website Updates – Take a Look

I would like to make you aware of various improvements we have recently made to the WKCC website:

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Sunday 22nd March – Nafford

Details for this Sundays meeting at Nafford or paddle from Eckington Bridge.

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Dart Weekend March 2015

All Dart weekend reports will appear here.

First one from Sue T with a summary of Saturday nights game :-

After dinner on Saturday night we played a game for which everyone present had previously answered some questions to create a secret profile of little known facts about themselves. Everyone then had to guess whom each profile belonged to. Many interesting facts emerged; some of which are summarised below. What a weird and wonderful selection of members the club has!

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Winter Challenge 2014/2015

Final results for the Winter Challenge are 1,500.6 miles in total

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Fundraising!!, An evening with Emma to raise fund for her trip to the ICF World Freestyle Kayak World Championships in Ottawa, Canada this year.

Em W Poster

Moved two one

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