An Adventure in Llangollen by Adam Hall

Chapter 1 – Brrrrrr its cold

A cold start in Worcestershire, although it was nearly 1°C by time we drove into a sleepy Llangollen with a respectable coating of fresh snow on the ground.  We had decided to meet in the town so that we could spend some time inspecting the falls from many, many, many different angles and realising how difficult it is to spot, explain and more importantly remember a good line.  Jonah tried to convince me he wasn’t cold through chattering teeth; I didn’t believe him for a moment so we piled up to the start and then down (that is an important bit) into the Chain Bridge Hotel car park.

A quick change into paddling kit for me and then a long wait for everyone else to flaff about with lots of layers.  Apparently when I put dry(ish) trousers on it causes a slight apprehension on how cold its going to be.

So on to that important bit.  Graham effortlessly demonstrated four wheel drive, three litre, traction controlled German engineering prowess as he pulled out of the car park in the snow.  Matt effortlessly demonstrated why barely legal tyres don’t really work in snow while Roy demonstrated how if you drive fast enough at a hill you will eventually get up it.

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Winter Social

We held our winter social at Pershore river side centre on Saturday the 10th of January 2015. In told 70 members came for the event. We had delicious pork rolls, salads and desserts. This evening also included our awards ceremony.The titles were given to the following.  Most Improved Juniors: Ethan Barthorpe and Jonah Morgan. Most improved Female: Sue Tadman. Most improved male: Kev Badham. Coach of the year: Sue Cunliffe. Most approved new comer: Ryan Cotterill. Club award and Mistake Of The Year: went to Adam Hall. Best chauffeur service: Roy Nutbeem. Brave and determined paddler: Emma Bullen. Most waves caught and fish of the year: went to Matt Soley. Adam also received an award from the juniors, for his efforts in coaching the juniors through their 3 star award. The prize for this was a handmade paddle made by John Heath. Emma Witherford received an award for all her  outstanding efforts and contribution to free style. The prize was a very rare mug, presented by John Heath. Lu and Sue organised some entertaining and challenging games. The night was a huge success. More attendees than ever. Tremendous hard work was demonstrated. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

January Junior Polo

The Next Junior polo tournament will be upon us soon so please add these dates to your diaries.  The Tournament is on Saturday 24 January 2015 at 16:00 hrs in Cheltenham.  This is open to all Juniors who have played before or are lined up for this as their first tournament.  Spectators are always welcome so come and support if you are free.

In preparation for the tournament there is also a Monday Training session on 19 January at 20:15 hrs at New College Pool for any Juniors.  Please remember a drink and snack.

An initial idea of numbers would be appreciated.

Adam Hall
Paddle Sport Development
Wychavon Kayak & Canoe Club

Paddling Development Groups 2015

While you’re sorting out this year’s resolutions maybe you could have a think about some paddling aspirations.  We have updated and refined the Development groups for 2015 splitting it into two groups; personal paddling and coaching.  It is hoped there will be something there for everyone.

The idea of the groups is to ensure people with similar goals can paddle and develop together.  It also gives the opportunity to plan a fuller program and ensure we provide the right coaching and support.  Have a look on the Coaches Corner page for more details.

Adam Hall
Paddle Sport Development
Wychavon Kayak & Canoe Club