Day 2 on the Tay

The day started a lot calmer than the previous day, we awoke quite early having had a reasonable nights sleep. Not wanting to rush and just go with the flow, we surfaced and sorted out breakfast, filtered water for the day, broke camp, tidied up and headed off about 7am. The Loch was quite still … Continue reading Day 2 on the Tay

Go canoeing week

Big club paddle, BBQ and leamington boat centre demonstrating. Let me know if you want them to bring any specific items. Aiming for a high turnout. Please try  and support this event. Can you please spread the word.

Tay Day 1 – Loch Tay

One of the members of The Crankies served us breakfast, it was a bit odd, we were catching up on the election results when there was a comment (I wonder who?) about all those SNP MPs from Scotland sitting on an English Parliament. Hmm, we were in Stirling, which is north of the border and … Continue reading Tay Day 1 – Loch Tay

WKCC Summer Photo Competition Starts NOW!

Hi Last winter we logged miles – this summer I’d like to log memories – or at least photos of them! With all the things on the program, and with the events lined up at the Riverside Centre (see previous posts) I plan to run a Photo Competition and I’m looking for submissions from everyone.   … Continue reading WKCC Summer Photo Competition Starts NOW!

WKCC Dates for the Diary – Your Help Requested

Hi all Summer is nearly here (honest, despite the cold and drizzly weather) and I want to make you aware of some summer dates at the Riverside Centre where we need your support for WKCC and the new centre: Go Canoeing events - 23rd May to 31st May = big push from Canoe England to … Continue reading WKCC Dates for the Diary – Your Help Requested

Canoe England Volunteer Award

Canoe England Volunteer Awards are now open for nominations and this year sees new awards in honour the achievements and spirit of John MacGregor:  In 1865 John MacGregor, a London Scot, commissioned the building of his first Rob Roy canoe and set off to explore the waterways of Europe.  His book “A Thousand Miles in … Continue reading Canoe England Volunteer Award

Moonlight Paddle

I am organizing a full moon paddle this coming Saturday (2/5/15) night from Jubilee Bridge car park, Fladbury to Pershore. We will be meeting at Pershore Riverside Centre at 9.00pm so we can sort cars out. Let me know via Facebook or text if you would like to come. Please arrive ready to paddle with … Continue reading Moonlight Paddle

Thursday night paddle: 23rd April

Bit of a change of plan for tomorrow night - the levels look good and suitable for all, so we've taken a vote to head up to Nafford for a play in the weir and ferry glide across the flows. Meet at Eckington bridge ready to paddle at 6.30, this should get you up to … Continue reading Thursday night paddle: 23rd April

Tryweryn – Sunday 29th March

Todays Tryweryn paddle! Me, Ben Brown, Ian, Jonah and Max did a run on the upper to start. 0 swims but Max decided to practice his first ever moving water roll in the nice stopper drop just before Chapple. Ben went one better and got grabbed and rolled in the stopper in Chapple. The release … Continue reading Tryweryn – Sunday 29th March

Winter Challenge – Results!!

We came 13th in the Miles and 4th in the Places Paddled. Not bad at all. If we could have converted the paddled by one or two into paddled by three we could have won! Next year let's try that :-) WINTER CLUB CHALLENGE RESULTS 2014