River Trip Details

Details listed here will be maps of each river trip we do. Access points, parking, weirs, river gauges, toilets etc., where known. Please note these details may not be complete and as usual care should be used when undertaking a river trip. Some weirs are listed but there may be additional hazards and rapids on the rivers that are not listed and as river levels change so the severity of the rivers and hazards change.

Please check details of the trips before traveling and notify us of any errors or omissions. In some cases there is also a link to the UK Rivers Guide Book page, or other links where available, for the relevant sections.

If you would like to suggest a river trip, maybe one you have done before, or one you have read about, then please CLICK HERE to fill out an online form with as much information as possible. This will automatically be submitted to the programme committee.

Non River Locations

This map, click here, is of the local, non canoeing location we use. Such as meeting places, parties, etc.

Webcams, this is a map of the webcam found. As we find new ones they will be added. There are still a few to go on so if you know of one that is not listed please let us know

River Avon

Environment Agency River Levels for the Avon

River Avon, Leamington Spa to Stratford upon Avon (Doggy Paddle)

River Avon, Stratford to Pershore, 3 day trip

River Avon, Ludington to Bidford

River Avon, Offenham Weir

River Avon, Crown Meadow (Evesham) to Evesham Weir

River Avon, Sankey Marina to Chadbury Weir

River Avon, Fladbury to Pershore (PRSC)

River Avon, Wyre (Smith Meadow) to Pershore (PRSC)

River Avon, Pershore Riverside Youth Centre (Our base)

River Avon, PRSYC up Wyre Piddle Brook & Back down the Avon

River Avon, Pershore (PRSC) to Eckington Bridge

RiverAvon, PRSYC to Tewkesbury (2 day Trip)

River Avon, Pershore Bridges to Nafford Weir

River Avon, Pershore Bridges to Tewkesbury

River Avon, Nafford Weir

River Avon, Nafford to Eckington Bridge

River Avon, Eckington Bridge to Strensham Weir

River Avon, Eckington Bridge to Severn Sailing Club

River Avon, Eckington Bridge to Bredon Hardwick

River Avon, Eckington Bridge to Tewkesbury

River Barle

River Barle, Tarr Steps to Dulverton –, UK River Guide Book Link
The UK Rivers Guide Book Link goes beyond Dulverton, down to the Exe Confulence.

River Dart

River Dart, New Bridge to Holne Bridge –
River Dart, Holne Bridge to Buckfastleigh –
River Dart, tidal, Totnes to Stoke Gabriel (Tidal) –
River Dart, tidal, Dittisham to Sharpham Point (Tidal) –

River Dee

River Dee, Glyndyfrdwy to above Horse Shoe Falls –, UK River Guide Book Link

River Lugg

River Lugg, Lugg Green to Leominster
River Lugg, Leominster to Hope under Dinmore
, UK River Guide Book Link
River Lugg, Hope under Dinmore to Railway Inn
River Lugg, Railway Inn to Morten on Lugg
The UK Rivers Guide Book link covers the Lugg from Prestine down to the Wye Confluence

River Severn

River Severn, Cressage to Jackfield
River Severn, Ironbridge to Jackfield Rapids

River Severn, Unicorn Inn (Hamton Loade) to Bewdley
River Severn, Arley to Bewdley
River Severn, Camp Inn to Bevere Weir
River Severn, Upton Upon Severn, Upon Triathlon

River Teme (From Ludlow to Severn Conf.)

Environment Agency River Levels for the Teme

River Teme, Ludlow to Ashford Carbonel, UK Rivers Guide Book Link
River Teme, Ashford Carbonbel to Tenbury Wells
River Teme, Tenbury Wells to Stanford Bridge
River Teme, Stanford Bridge to Ham Bridge
River Teme, Ham Bridge to Knightwick

River Teme, Knightwick Weir
River Teme, Knightwick to Bransford
River Teme, Bransford to Kempsey (Severn)
River Teme, Powick to Severn Conf (Kempsey)


Tryweryn, Lower Section, Below Chapel Falls to Bala Town

River Tyne

River Tyne, Cholleford to Hexham

River Usk

River Usk, Sennybridge to Aberbran, UK River Guide Book Link
River Usk, Sennybridge to Brecon, UK River Guide Book Link
River Usk, Sennybridge to Canal Barn
River Usk, Aberbran to Brecon
River Usk/Canal Loop, Canal barn via Aquaduct

This only covers the section down to Aberbran, there is no guide from Aberbran down to Brecon.


Vyrnwy, Upper, Reseviour to Pont Llogel

River Wye

River Wye, Newbridge to Builth Wells, UK River Guide Book Link
River Wye, Galsbury to Chepstow, 5 day trip
River Wye, Symonds Yat Rapids