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Disclosing and Barring Service
Since 2013 new safeguarding and vetting requirements affecting all individuals who have contact with children and adults at risk have been introduced – the DBS replaces the CRB.
The three main significant changes are:

  • New definition of Regulated Activity – This will affect who is eligible for a DBS check and which level of check is required.
  • The introduction of Single Disclosures- Only the applicant will receive a copy of their DBS Certificate.
  • The introduction of the DBS Update service- This service will keep a subscribed individual’s DBS Certificate continually up to date, allowing instant online checks and enabling portability (when certain criteria is met).

In order to implement these changes, Canoe England DBS Applications will be completed and processed online.

Important Information for Coaches

The new DBS eligibility requirement is linked to an individual’s specific role and the frequency and intensity in which they carry out that role. Therefore coaches will no longer be required to hold a DBS Certificate (formerly CRB) to meet the Britsh Canoeing Coach Update requirements, or to complete BC UKCC Level 2 qualification. Coaches may still be required to undertake a DBS Check by their deployer or employer in line with the type of activities/ role they are carrying out.

The decision that guides the need for a DBS is shown in the DBS Guidance Flowchart


Using the Flowchart WKCC committee has selected the first batch of coaches to have a DBS.  See attachment below

This selection is based on current coaching activities.  If you coach children or vulnerable adults as part of WKCC and are not on the DBS list you should:

  1. a) Ensure you have a DBS approved coach with you, and remain in their sight through the session (including on land and on journeys)
  2. b) If you plan to coach long term and frequently you should apply to the committee for inclusion on the next application

If you coach children or vulnerable adults as part of WKCC and are on the DBS please be mindful of any non DBS listed adults involved in the session (including on land and on journeys) and organise the session to ensure they are in sight at all times.

All coaches, DBS or not, should refresh their understanding of their responsibility to children and vulnerable adults by reading the Safe Guarding and Protecting Children training material.  If you have not been on this course recently then please arrange to do so.  
Our Welfare Officer John Heath will be able to advise of providers.

In 2015 there will be further updates to the WKCC site to reflect the use of the DBS in our Policies and Operating procedures – watch this space.

Other Guidance Documents

British Canoeing has created several new guidance documents to help you understand the new DBS Eligibility and Application process. We recommend you read the following documents:

DBS Guidance Document G26 (13/06/13)
DBS Guidance Flowchart (26/06/13)
DBS Eligibility Guidance Tool (04/10/2013)
DBS FAQs G17(19/07/13)
DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Club (19/07/13)
DBS Application Guidance- Verification by Post Office (14/01/14)
DBS Club Verifier Guidance (08/08/13)
DBS Update Service Applicant Guidance

Please see our current DBS status :  WKCC DBS Master List