Nafford at 12.8 on the Gauge

Nafford sluice gauge Nafford weir is one of the best local paddle spots around. It’s situated just outside of Pershore and accessed from Pershore or Eckington. It can be suitable for all levels of paddlers but it has a few guidelines as to when it’s good for paddling.

The best guide to this is the gauge situated on the far side of the bridge across the sluices (picture included in the attached gallery). For this guide you read it as follows. The red number is the main indicator. If you see 13 above the water level then you read it as 12.x where x is the number you can see just above the surface in black. The pictures in this gallery are all at slightly over 12.8.
When the level is at 12.8 you can just about paddle the left hand wave but it’s a bit of a pig getting in and out in a small boat. The right hand waves join into one fairly deep stopper which you can stay in for ages but may not get out without a rope. Anything above 12.8 is generally a waste of time.
It’s at it’s best at 12.7 or just above for more confident paddlers and is still ok at 12.6 but it does start to get a bit shallow. Even when it’s between 12.5 and 12.6 it’s at a great introductory level to learn some basic wave surfing, practice breaking out and ferry gliding so it’s always worth coming to have a look if you are not sure.
Pictures taken today showing what 12.8 and a bit looks like on the weir. This is after the heavy rain we’ve had for the last day or so. I will add other levels when I get a chance. Graham