Club Trip – A family perspective

It was the first river trip for the Sargeant family. With driving wind and rain we wondered what we had let ourselves in for, not yet being hardened kayakers!

We started at Jubilee Bridge, unloading as quickly as possible. While the cars were taken back to PRSYC those left on the river bank huddled together in an emergency shelter against the awful weather conditions.

There were 27 people paddling so we split into 3 groups. Most people were in kayaks  with 2 or 3 canoes in each group. Pauline and Clive had most of us newbies in their group so we started off last. Guy was with Adam and Ed.

As we set off the rain stopped and the sun started to make a very welcome appearance though it was still windy. Once we were on the water our nerves soon disappeared and we started to really enjoy ourselves.

It was a leisurely paddle each group taking short breaks along so the lead group changed regularly.

We decided we were not confident enough yet to attempt the weir this time so watched from the bank as all the others succeeded,  except Lu and Kev who ended up taking an unwelcome swim! We were really impressed with how quickly and calmly they were rescued. They were quickly whisked off to the end as the rest of us got back into our kayaks and regrouped to complete the last leg of the paddle back to Pershore.  Once the boats were loaded back up we all enjoyed a well earned drink and some chips at the pub.

We really enjoyed our first river trip and are definitely hooked now!

Debbie, Harriet and Guy