Sunday 20th April Symonds Yat

We will be having a session at Symonds Yat East this coming Sunday 20th April. You will need to be ready to be on the water for 9:30 am so I suggest you get there for 9:15 pm.
The paddle is not suitable for beginners but you will know if you have enough experience. It’s a great place to park and play and try moving water, breaking out and in and running mild rapids so it’s worth the journey.

If you have any further questions then contact me or any of the club coaches for advice. Note do not phone me until Friday unless you want to pay international call rates :-)

You will need £3 (or more) per vehicle for the car park and £1.50 per boat as a launch fee.

Go down the M50 and A40 and follow the signs to Symonds Yat east !!

This trip is well worth the effort. Symonds Yat East Map:
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