Teme – an introduction moving water for Ryan

Ham Bridge to Knightwick Sunday 19th October

Paul, Kevin, Sue T, Caroline, Rita, Ian, Sue C and myself paddled from Ham Bridge to Knightwick today (Not forgetting Roy, who was once again chief taxi driver).

We got the boats up to Ham Bridge and Paul set off to find us a get in, while we all got ourselves together and Roy drove the remaining people back.
We all agreed it was a shame to be putting dry cags and suits on in such nice weather.
We got on the water just up from Ham Bridge and I immediately noticed the difference paddling on the Teme, as till now I have only paddled on the Avon.
I was allocated Ian as my guide throughout the day and we set off down the river.
The weather was very good to us considering the time of year and the temperature was pleasant on the water.
We practiced our eddy in and out, some of the others had a play in one of the waves we came across and Ian and Paul even got to practice their rescuing skills when I decided to take a swim.
We arrived at Knightwick and got the boats out, loaded up and over to the Talbot for a drink and some chips.
Today was my introduction to moving water and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice during the day.