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Please add all Brecon 2014 trip reports and articles to this post so we can keep them all together . Here is some background information.
Trip reports can be posted by Graham, Clive or Adam and some other committee members.

Brecon Weekend Paddling Info. 3* candidates and anyone either coaching or moving towards coaching then it’s worth keeping a log of your river trips. This be a simple spreadsheet list.
Here is some info from the weekend to get you started.
Friday – Tallybont-on-Usk to Cyffredyn Lane(Llangyndir). 4.7 miles, river level low/medium. Grade 2 /3+, number in group 6.

Saturday – Sennybridge to Aberbran Bridge 5.2 miles, river level low. Grade 2 /3, number in group a) 18, group b) 3* juniors 10
Extra bit Aberbran to Brecon, low, grade 2, 4 miles.

Sunday – Tallybont-on-Usk to Cyffredyn Lane(Llangyndir). 4.7 miles, river level low. Grade 2 /3+, number in group 14

Brecon Weekend: Friday, 24 October ’14

Attendees: Graham, Kev, Tim, Rita, Pauline & Sue T
Got to the ‘put in’ at 9:30 half an hour early, expecting to be first there but no in fact last there, these folks are keen! Graham had already arrived an hour earlier to recon the ‘get out’.
Once we were on the water Graham had us practicing reverse paddling and reverse ferry gliding, by the end of the trip I had improved a great deal in this area.  The only grade 3+ rapid on the trip was Mill Falls after inspection myself, Tim, Rita & Graham decided we were going to ‘tame the beast’ however once I dropped in it was just a case of rock avoidance, all that careful planning hey!
We all safely negotiated ‘death falls’ Rita even put in an exhibition of side surfing half way down!  It was a good stretch of bouncy rapids all the way down to the ‘get out’.
Real fun trip, thanks to Graham for some excellent coaching.
Brecon Weekend  – Sunday 26th  October
We paddled from Tallybont-on-Usk to Cyffredyn Lane (Llangyndir) it was around 4.7 miles. Because the river level was low, around 0.36, it was more technical than just a mad rush of water; this was by far my favourite trip I have done so far. Especially the feature Mill Falls, this was at the perfect level to practice our break ins/outs (which Adam had us doing the whole way down the river).It was a clear crisp day perfect for paddling, the water wasn’t that challenging thanks to Adams work the day before on eddying in and out and ferry gliding, the water was grade 2,3+.
Finally thank you to the 14 who paddled it and made it an extremely enjoyable and exciting day.

Brecon Weekend  – Sunday 26th  October view 2
It was another fine morning when 14 of us arrived at Tallybont-on-Usk (all except Adam who got lost) for this grade 2/3 paddle.
The river level had dropped from Friday (when some of us did the same stretch before) which made the first flat section a bit of a slog although it was a useful warm-up.
Once we got to the first drop the river changes character and becomes more challenging with Mill falls being the best section with some good paddling especially from the juniors.
There were some more rapids and drops before the get out and we used these to practice eddying in and out in the fast moving water as well as surfing some waves, all great fun.
This paddle together with the rest of the weekend paddles have given me more confidence to try some more challenging sections of water. This is a nice stretch of river which I would love to paddle again perhaps at a higher water level.
A great end to an excellent weekend of paddling, many thanks to everyone who made it possible.
Tim Barnes.


Dad picked me from school on Friday , we headed off to Brecon with a car full of food( thanks Mum! ) and paddling gear . It only took us 1 1/2 hrs to get there ,we settled in waiting for the other club members to arrive. As the evening went on ,the adults started  to talk about the next days paddle (down the no way out cannon or  The extreme paddle weir according to fitz ). We all drifted of to bed about 11.30. the night passed by in a flash. We were woken up by the smell off cooked bacon, the breakfast was delicious. We got kitted up  did the ferry to Senny Bridge and unloaded the boats. the weather was very kind to,use with the sun appearing.The adults soon got on the water, did a warm up then disappeared down the river  of adventure. !! Adam and Emma Bullen were our coaches for the trip. Adam explained what alpine descent was about (going down the river eddy hoping from either side off the river in a controlled manner ).We got on the water had a warm up ferry guiding, then started down the river with Adam and Emma leading the way. As we approached the weirs we followed Adam down all safely We all started to enjoy the river and the sunshine .We caught the adults up at  horeshoe  falls which was the biggest drop on the trip, we all shot the weir with no problems then stopped for lunch .We continued down the river  which was supposed to be a 5mile trip but felt more like 10 miles with all the eddy hoping. After a long trip we came to the end off the trip  most got off to change and get back to the bunkhouse ,Sue C.  Ian, Tim Harris, Max, Jonah, Nat and myself decided to paddle on further to Brecon .We paddled under the bridge stopped to play in the wave which I got slightly wrong!  I went for the roll in the stopper ,which partially failed.I  went for roll and failed again and lost my paddle.Not giving up I successfully undertook my  3rd hand roll this time, I came away from the stopper quite relieved . Afterwards  Sue got me out on to the bank (to mother me giving me some chocolate and a drink ) After that we had a gentle paddle down the river to the car park at Brecon  where Roy met us.By this time we were all very tired and hungry . When we got back to the bunkhouse we had a very nice evening meal ,by the time we went to bed I was very tired and achey. Dad and I didn’t paddle on Sunday because I woke up with a very stiff shoulder and decided not to push my luck. It was a great weekend. So Many super memories. Can’t wait to do it again. Written by   Oliver Moore