SAS Hurley Classic 22nd/23rd November – Something for all

Dear paddler,

It’s raining out there and Hurley has gone up to two gates so I am writing to you today to tell you about the upcoming SAS Hurley Classic International Paddlesport Competition on 22 and 23 November and ask if you can come along and also let your friends know about it and please encourage them to come along.

You have been before so already know the event is great but this year is our 25th so we have more going on than ever. Our ethos is to make an event that is great for all boaters no matter if they are just starting out or are the current world champion. The only proviso is that you can roll and the way things are laid out means you’ll be paddling with lots of different standards of boater. It is an event for every paddler. Below I go into more detail to give you a flavour of just what it’s all about :-


Younguns – Paddle with the Stars – (suitable for anyone under 18 with a roll) The biggest names in canoe sport including current champions will be team coaches of small groups of youth paddlers as they undertake a ram packed morning of activity including….
· Paddling the famous Hurley Wave and learn tricks from your Star.
· Paddle board challenge – get to try and complete a challenge.
· Flat water freestyle – what can you do on the flat water? Get tips from the Stars.
· Using video analysis – top coaches show how they use video.
· What’s happening to my ears – a look into the risks to your ears.
· Make my kit last longer – leading industry experts telling you how.
· Killer strokes – making your strokes do more – more – more
· Killer outfitting – getting your boat to work fantastically for you
· Mini event film, Prizes.

SAS Come on Lets Boat (COLB)- OPEN WAVE – (suitable for anyone with a roll) an open wave session. Try one of the demo boats. Get free coaching from Sam Ward, Dennis Newton (GB team Coaches), Stephen Wright (USA Team Coach) and Andrew Jackson (Team Spain Coach) or just use for training time on the wave.

Old Skool – (suitable for anyone with a roll) the competition in kit at least 15years old.

BoaterX – (suitable for anyone with a roll). Launch from a huge ramp straight into a four person race across the currents of Hurley, navigating markers and avoiding the 8 Balls. This is a high energy racing format that’s heaps of fun to be in and incredible to watch.

Showcase Night Freestyle Final – if you have wondered how far freestyle has gone then come and look at this. The best freestyle paddlers in the world will show every move possible.

Banquet – each year 200+ people come to our Banquet to enjoy the fine food and socialise with paddlers they normally only see on the water. The Banquet includes the Thames Valley Freestylers community awards and our Key Note Speech From Mariann Saether.


SAS Hurley Classic and British Championships – Set out in 10’s and paddling together these seeded heats are normally about 30 minutes long and allow paddlers to get out there on the wave together. In your heat you are likely to have beginners, people already getting some tricks, experts and masters, male and female. It’s a winning format where y ou’ll get to paddle with some of your friends and make new ones.
Some Athletes you might be excited to paddle with – Stephen Wright, Nich Troutman, Alan Ward, James Bebbington, Quim Fontaine, Marinan Saether, Jason Craig, Nuria Fontaine, Mat Dumoulin, Seb Devred + all many more top paddlers from around the world.

Lecture / Workshops – these take place during the day and include:-

‘5 Funky Ideas’ – The latest tricks top freestyle coaches are using to allow athletes to go bigger, cleaner and quicker with Dennis Newton and Andy ‘ Jacko’ Jackson.

‘In the Flow’ – From the recently published book – Sports Psychology for Canoe Sports with its author Jonathan Males.

ICF Super Final – to crown the SAS Hurley Classic Senior champions we get an insight into what a final at the World Championships looks like. 3 rides, best counts to decide who will gain the converted SAS Hurley Classic crown and join the winners enclosure.

All weekend

Palm Photo Comp – enter your best boating shots, to win Palm equipment

Wavesport / AT, SAS Hurley Classic ‘sound bite’ Comp – Get along to the Wavesport / AT stand and record your intro to the SAS Hurley Classic event film. The best clip will not only go on the film but will also win an AT Paddle

ERG Challenge – See if you can set a new record at the three strokes or 45 second comps.

WWTCC – Quiz of The Ages – Take part in the Whitewater the Canoe Centre quiz to win prizes.

Surfplugs – Get your ears measured and then have a custom set of ear plugs made.

Find out about BC Freestyle Awards – Book a session with the Freestyle development team.

Demo’s – GUI GUI, Dagger, Wavesport, Jackson, Boardworks all with Demo’s and stands on site. All other major manufacturers boats available for Demo through WWTCC who also will be on site.

Hot food and drink available – from our catering

I hope you find this information exciting and do decide to come along. Online booking is available (closes 17 November at 0900) on  and you can find out more about the latest news of our event on  
My best,

This event is organised by A.F. Jackson and endorsed by British Canoeing.