Message from the Chair

Hi All
I have been appointed Chair (person / man / woman, I don’t mind!) over a month and I have just about got my thoughts together by now.  I have been lucky enough to take over a well run and highly motivated club, so many thanks to Ed and the good work he has done over the last 3 years.  I picked up a couple of hot spots which we now have some focus on; firstly the setting up of DBS cover (replacement to the old CRB) which Claire and Rita are pushing through; secondly a reinvigoration of our Clubmark accreditation, which has also changed and needs a bit of a tidy up, Tony (my hubby) is taking on this challenge.  

Adam and I have also recut the Development Groups and have linked these to the new programme.  Everyone in the club will fit into one or more of our Development Groups, which cover juniors and seniors; canoe and kayak; all levels.  The link to the programme (Q1 will be out early December) means everyone can be sure there will be something for them, both pool and river.  Each Development Group has a lead who you can contact to get more involved, and get the very best from the club.  More from Adam on this in the next couple of weeks.
Other things to mention are that the Pershore Riverside Centre hosted a regional update last Saturday.  As well as being very informative to the coaches that attended, this event showcased the facilities we have by the River Avon.  Once the extension is complete you should expect to see more of these types of event occurring, which is good for the centre and good for our club.
Don’t forget the Winter Challenge – we have a totalizer on the website, and have clocked nearly 300 miles already.  Get out there. paddle and let me know how far and where.
Finally we have started organising the Winter Social for the 10th January – Jenny and Sue will be providing more information but I will just say it has always been a great evening for paddlers and their family.  The more the merrier.
See you at the pool or on the river
Chair WKCC