WKCC – Communication Information.

WKCC has 4 communication methods.
All WKCC programme events will be published via all 4 methods. These are:
1. The club website wkcc.org.uk
2. Via email using the membership email addresses (optional).
3. Text via mobile numbers supplied on the club membership forms (optional).
4. Facebook via the WKCC Facebook group (optional).
The web article will be linked to our Facebook page.

Note that due to the nature of our sport being subject to environmental conditions many of our published items may be subject to change.
To help support dialog when these situations occur and to be able to share various information which may be of interest to the club we decided some time ago that the club needed a simple informal chat forum. To run, manage and moderate a forum is very time consuming and resource intensive. Therefore the club chose Facebook as the official club forum.
Facebook is very easy to use, well established, is available on nearly any device or operating system, can be setup to protect your personal information and limit to just viewing the WKCC Facebook group. We currently have over 100 current and past members in our Facebook group.

For formal club paddles the club continues to be committed to the Quarterly program and the traditional communication using the wkcc website, e-mail and text; but the Facebook group is particularly useful to post informal club paddles. These are when a like-minded group of individuals are publishing their intentions to go paddling and are happy to invite others to join them but on the understanding they are self-sufficient and capable of dealing with the conditions. These are not formal club trips and formal coaching and cover will not usually be provided.
We do encourage our club members to get out and paddle in small groups (never alone). This can be anything from your local canal up to white water trips farther away. More experienced members will always be willing to offer advice to support you.
We accept that it’s your choice if you wish to use Facebook or not. If you do chose to and you need any support in setting it up then the more experienced Facebook users in the club will offer to assist you. There is plenty of advice online as well.
If you chose NOT to use Facebook then you may miss out on some opportunities within the club but as a club we respect your personal choice.