Dart Weekend March 2015

All Dart weekend reports will appear here.

First one from Sue T with a summary of Saturday nights game :-

After dinner on Saturday night we played a game for which everyone present had previously answered some questions to create a secret profile of little known facts about themselves. Everyone then had to guess whom each profile belonged to. Many interesting facts emerged; some of which are summarised below. What a weird and wonderful selection of members the club has!

The first question asked what everyone had wanted to be when they were six years old. The answers included fireman (2), dancer, snake, chef, racing car driver, Buzz Lightyear, in the FBI, wizard, lollypop lady, policeman, whale biologist, unicorn, scientist with explosions, fisherman, winner at hide & seek, builder (2), vet, teacher, army man, snow leopard, window cleaner, child, astronaut, pawn star (guess who), doctor, steam engine driver and Luke Skywalker.

Another question asked what everyone was genuinely scared. The answers included snakes, cucumbers, failure, drowning (2), Rachel Hall, the dark, being watched, Jonah, jumping off cliffs, heights (2), nothing (2), spiders, cows, eyes, burning to death, animals, crows that dive bomb people, death, parsnips, worms, things under water, Fitz, guinea pigs, cracks in the pavement and having an operation.

It was a close run thing between Ray Mears and Bear Grylls for the most popular companion for a long wilderness canoe trip although Nick, Adam, Frank Zappa & Keith the seal also got a mention. Debbie Harry won the contest for whom most people had had a secret crush on, although she was closely followed by Fitz!!!

There were too many unfulfilled ambitions to mention but the little known facts proved very interesting. For instance, I’d love to hear the story behind how Harriet came by a piece of Simon Cowell’s loo roll. I’m not sure if Paul really has got three nipples but it is true that Max looks like a young Vladimir Putin. Mark had shaken hands with a King whilst Alain admitted to liking sewing things. I’d love to hear Jane speaking Thai but I hope it’s not true that Kev kills people (best be nice to him just in case although I notice he did only answer “maybe” to the question about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth).

Well done to Louisa for correctly identifying 17 out of 29 people, and to the five people who predicted that Louisa was most likely to win.

Thanks to everyone who took part and entered so willingly into the spirit of the game. Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me, although I might be susceptible to a generous dose bribery along the lines of another large helping of Sue’s mum’s jam roly poly steeped in piping hot custard!

Sue T