Website Updates – Take a Look

I would like to make you aware of various improvements we have recently made to the WKCC website:

Who’s Who – the new committee is now shown – most of us know each other but if you are new to the club this will be useful so you can put names to faces, and know who to contact when you have questions
Come & Try It – Ed has put a Welcome pack together for new members – take a look as this will be useful if anyone you know asks about joining the club
Code of Conduct – This is relaunched and sets out how we expect members to behave.   When new members join they will be asked to sign this.  When we refresh membership in October we will be asking existing members to read and sign this.  In the meantime I would encourage you to take a look and follow
Welfare / DBS – Rita is now our Welfare Officer, and this page has been updated with Claire’s help to reflect the new DBS procedure.  As with the Code of Conduct it is important to know how we run this in the club, for your own protection as well as for the protection of children and vulnerable adults
Thanks to all on the committee for the work on this.  As ever all feedback is welcome
Chair WKCC