Tryweryn – Sunday 29th March

Todays Tryweryn paddle! Me, Ben Brown, Ian, Jonah and Max did a run on the upper to start. 0 swims but Max decided to practice his first ever moving water roll in the nice stopper drop just before Chapple.
Ben went one better and got grabbed and rolled in the stopper in Chapple.
The release was 9 but the lower was quite high due to the heavy rain over the past few days.
We then met with the rest of the group just below Chapple. Rita, Jenny, Matt S, Matt W and Claudia. Ben, Ian, Max and Jonah led and did a great job throughout the lower section. Me and Matt S managed the rest and assisted when needed.
The action started immediately when Rita hit a rock in the first minute but also did her first ever moving water roll smile emoticon . Things looked pretty good for a while until Matt W took a swim on one of the tricky sections under the bridge. He did some superb river swimming and fending himself off rocks.
This left me and Ben with a very long boat chase.
Next to swim was Claudia. She ran the tricky section fine and then hit a rock when she was all but in the eddy. Another swim and chase this time for me and Ian. Next and last swim was further on and it was Rita’s turn. Another good strong swim and then a good chase but boat on other side. Matt S and Ben worked to get the boat empty and Matt brought it across on a shoulder sling. Before we got to Bala Mill Falls Matt W decided to practice 2 more rolls.
The 5 upper section paddlers went straight down for this after briefing Jonah and Max on line options. Jenny and Claudia wanted to consider it so went to inspect. The rest wisely portaged.
The gang of 5 all got down with various style points and different lines. It was chunky and the approach was bouncy and fun too.
Then an interesting incident. Claudia managed to slip while retrieving her boat after deciding not to do Bala Mill. Next thing we see is Claudia standing at the top of the steps shouting about her boat and letting us know she was safe but her boat unsuccessfully tried to run the drop without her. One more final boat chase before the final 5 minutes to the end where we met with Roy and Adam who had tried all the entertainment spots in Bala. Thanks to Roy again for the ferry.
A great day with some great progression by all despite the driving wind and rain. Thanks to you all.