Litter Pick – Pershore 10am Saturday 3rd October

WKCC Litter Pick 201505

We have finally agreed a date to do an end of season litter pick.  We did one earlier in the year and in the 800 yards above and below our pontoon picked up piles of rubbish.  Picture attached in case you’ve not seen previously
This is a canoe paddle and suitable for ANYONE who cares about our river and wants to improve it!  It will spruce the river up for our centre opening, and also helps develop paddling skills as you weave in and out of reeds and branches.  Even non paddlers can be accommodated to help move bags up the skips/bins.  I’ll provide bags but you’ll need to bring gloves, cutters and reaching sticks.
The litter pick will be followed by a picnic and some paddling and/or some skills development at the centre.
It would be great to see as many of you as possible – let Caroline know